Airtel Kenya USSD Short Codes

Full List of Airtel Kenya USSD Short Codes

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) directs users to menu-type applications through the use of short codes. Airtel Kenya has a variety of short codes that help subscribers to access their services...
Pay Nairobi water bills

How to Pay Nairobi Water Bills Via MPESA, Airtel & Equitel

Nairobi water recently included mobile money as a payment method for clearing water bills. Now that payment has been simplified, you can pay at the comfort of your home. This article...
Buy Safaricom SMS Bundles

How to Buy Bundles for Another Number on Airtel Kenya

We all know that sharing is giving, that’s why Airtel Kenya gives you an opportunity to gift a bundle to a friend. So, surprise your friends with a voice or data...
Buy Airtel airtime from Safaricom Mpesa

How to Buy Airtel airtime from Safaricom Mpesa

Safaricom’s MPESA allows individuals to buy airtime for other telecom providers like Airtel Kenya and Telkom Kenya. If your MPESA account is loaded and you need to buy airtime for Airtel...
mobile money agent Uganda - MTN and Airtel Mobile Money

How to become a mobile money agent in Uganda

How to become a mobile money agent in Uganda

Daily, Freaky Data Bundles Removed From Tugabane Services

Airtel Tugabane is a multi-surf service that allows Airtel customers to share data with their loved ones. Launched in April 2015, Tugabane allows the Airtel mobile subscriber to add up to...
Pay for Azam TV using Airtel

How to Pay for Azam TV using Airtel Money

Azam TV is one of the leading affordable pay-TV companies in Uganda. Azam gives subscribers access to over 105+ channels with kids' entertainment, sports, news, documentaries, and music. Each Azam TV...

How to Request Airtel Money Statement in Uganda

A Transaction statement is a report summarizing all financial transactions which took place over a given period on a money account. Reviewing your statement gives the account holder a detailed...
Pay for Zuku TV using Airtel Money

How to Pay for Zuku TV using Airtel Money

This article shows you how to pay for Zuku TV using Airtel money. Dial *185# then OK. ...
Airtel Kenya shops

Complete List of Airtel Kenya Shops

If you are trying to locate any Airtel Kenya shop near then you should continue reading. Airtel has a variety of shops in different areas. These shops provide immediate Airtel services...
Pay KPLC Postpaid Bill

How to Pay KPLC Postpaid Bill Via Mpesa, Airtel or Equitel

You can now pay Kenya Power and Lighting Company, KPLC postpaid electricity bill via Mpesa, Airtel, and Equitel. All you need is money on your account and you can decide to...
wihdraw money from Airtel money account in kenya

How to Withdraw Money from Airtel Money Account Kenya

Someone has sent you money on your Airtel money account and now you want to cash out the mobile money. This article will guide you on how to withdraw money from...
caller tunes Airtel kenya

How to Activate Caller Tunes Airtel Kenya

Caller tunes or Hello tunes are particular tunes that callers listen to every time they try to reach you. Originally the callers hear a boring dialing tune but you can swap...
Please Call Me on Airtel Kenya

How to Send Please Call Me on Airtel Kenya

Have you run out of airtime and still want to communicate to your fellows? Airtel Kenya gives you free messages to send to your friends asking them to call you back....
check numbers registered under your ID in Kenya

Check Numbers Registered Under Your ID in Kenya

In Kenya, all sim cards are registered using National identification cards. One single card number can register above seven sim cards. Unfortunately, sometimes someone could use your identification details to register...
Check National Water Balance

How to Check National Water Balance/Bill in Uganda Online

Before you go ahead to pay for National water you need to know how much you have to pay. And that is why you have to first check balance then go...