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How to Pay National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) Using Mobile Money

Students can now pay National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) using mobile money. This is can be done via the web and through the mobile money USSD shortcode. The first requirement...
Gift Airtel Freaky Friday

How to Gift Airtel Freaky Friday

Airtel Freaky Friday is one of those other popular airtel bundles that launch airtel users into a long fun weekend with data to surf till Monday midnight. This how-to article will...
Airtel Tubonge bundle-ugtechmag.com

How to Activate Airtel Tubonge Bundles

Airtel Kenya does not hesitate to make communication simpler with cheap bundles. Tubonge’ is a new exciting voice bundle that offers daily on-net calls and discounts on off-net calls. Here is...

How to Buy Safaricom Data Bundles for Another Number

Safaricom allows you to sambaza data bundles with your fellow Safaricom subscribers. However, you can choose to gift friends and family a data bundle rather than sharing your remaining data bundle....

How to Stop Autorenew for Safaricom Data Bundle

The auto-renew feature will automatically activate a new data bundle as soon as the previous bundle has expired or is used up. As much as this feature is a lifesaver for...
Send Money from M-sente

How to Send Money from M-sente to Other Networks

M-sente subscribers can send money to registered and unregistered numbers. This article details a step-by-step guide on how to send money from M-sente to Uganda Telecom customers and other networks. How to...
pay utility bills via M-sente

How to Pay Water & Electricity Utility Bills via M-sente

Uganda Telecom subscribers can pay utility bills via M-sente at the lowest costs. Choose to pay water bills and pay UEDCL bills or buy yaka with just a few dials....
pay school fees via msente

Here is how you can Pay School Fees Using M-sente

This function allows the M-sente account holder to pay school fees for their children to schools that have subscribed for this program. The subscriber can use School Pay or Flexi Pay...

How to Buy Uganda Telecom SMS Bundle

This article guides you on how to buy the Uganda Telecom SMS bundle. Short Message Services (SMS) play an essential role in immediate bulk means of communication and it is also affordable....
buy Uganda telecom airtime via M-sente

How to Buy Uganda Telecom Airtime From M-sente

Using M-sente to buy airtime is the most convenient way for Uganda Telecom subscribers rather than using the M-sente agent, PayWay, or Pebuu agent. For starters, ensure that you have money...

How to Set Caller Tunes on Uganda Telecom

Caller tunes are tunes that callers listen to every time they try to reach you. Get rid of the boring "ring-ring" tone when people call and swap it with a more...
buy Safaricom weekly bundle

How to Buy Safaricom Weekly Minutes

With Safaricom minute bundles, you get more extra talk time than using airtime. These voice bundles come in the validity of 24 hours, a week, and a month. Personally, I would recommend the...
Buy Pawa Bundles on Telkom Kenya

How to Buy Pawa Bundles on Telkom Kenya

Telkom Kenya's most renowned 3 in 1 voice bundle dubbed Pawa bundles gives subscribers minutes, SMS, and data in one package. The Pawa bundle provides solutions that address the customer’s everyday...
pay UTAMU administration application fees via mobile money

How to Pay UTAMU Admission Application Fee via Mobile Money

UTAMU has made it clear that they do not accept cash payments and thus encouraged all the students to either pay through the bank or via mobile money. The convenience of...
Buy Safaricom Minutes

How to Buy Safaricom Minutes on My Number

Safaricom has a variety of affordable voice bundles. Using voice bundles allows subscribers to pay less for long extra talking time. Safaricom minutes come in daily, weekly, and monthly package time...
get MTN free minutes

Here is how you can Get Free Minutes on Mtn Uganda

Now and then, MTN will offer you free data if you download their apps. However, free voice bundle offers are rare. In this post, we break down two ways to get...