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Replace your Lost ID in Kenya

How to check my ID status online in Kenya?

After applying for Kenya's national identification card, you will need to wait for a while until it is processed to the final stage. this might take about 4 weeks or more...
check numbers registered under your ID in Kenya

Check Numbers Registered Under Your ID in Kenya

In Kenya, all sim cards are registered using National identification cards. One single card number can register above seven sim cards. Unfortunately, sometimes someone could use your identification details to register...
Change airtel money pin Kenya

How to Change Airtel Money Pin Kenya

If your Airtel Money Kenya account is under any kind of threat then the first security measure to consider is changing the pin that authenticates transactions. The process to change Airtel...
caller tunes Airtel kenya

How to Activate Caller Tunes Airtel Kenya

Caller tunes or Hello tunes are particular tunes that callers listen to every time they try to reach you. Originally the callers hear a boring dialing tune but you can swap...
Check airtel money balance kenya

How to Check Airtel Money Account Balance Kenya

It is always crucial to know your mobile money account balance, so you can keep track of your expenditures and plan accordingly. This article guides you on how to check...
Check Airtel number in Kenya

How to Check Airtel number in Kenya

If you are a new Airtel Kenya subscriber or owner of multiple SIM cards, then memorizing telephone numbers will be quite hard. At certain times, you will need your phone number...
How to hide your Phone Number from strangers in Telegram

How to hide your Phone Number from strangers in Telegram

Telegram is a chatting (Messenger) application that allows you to send messages, photos, videos, and files of any type such as mp3 music, documents in doc, PDF, and more. The fact that...
certificate of good conduct in Uganda

How to apply online for a certificate of good conduct in Uganda

On the 17th of May 2021, the Uganda Police Force launched the online application provision for the certificate of good conduct and police clearance. This was done to reduce overcrowding at...
Find People on Instagram by Phone number

Find People on Instagram by Phone number & Email

Instagram enables its users to locate anyone on social media by phone numbers. And since social media is all about socializing, connections, and meeting new people, you need to make friends...
divert calls to voicemail Safaricom

How to Divert Calls to Voicemail Safaricom

Call Divert also known as call forwarding is a phone management feature that helps you redirect calls to another number. However, in this case, we are focusing on how to divert...
safaricom missed call alert

Safaricom Missed Call Alert, How to activate & Deactivate

Missed call alert as the name suggests is the notification sent to a particular line updating them about the calls they missed when the line was unreachable or off. Safaricom...
Call Forwarding Airtel Kenya

How to Set up Call Forwarding Airtel Kenya

Call Forwarding, or Call Divert is a telephone feature that enables users to forward their calls from one line to another number. Airtel Kenya subscribers can only forward or divert calls...
Top-up WakaNet Data Bundle

How to Top-up WakaNet Data Bundle on MTN

After registering for the MTN WakaNet service, you must be puzzled about how you will top-up the WakaNet data bundle on MTN. Remember, MTN WakaNet Max is a home internet solution...
Contact GOtv customer care number

How to Contact GOTV Customer Care

Do you want to contact GOTV customer care in Uganda? If the answer is yes, then continue reading. GOtv customer care will provide answers to all your questions regarding GOTV services...
divert calls to voicemail Safaricom

How to Activate Voicemail on Airtel Kenya Number

A voicemail is an electronically stored voice message that is left by a caller when the line is unreachable to be retrieved later by the intended recipient. Airtel Kenya provides this...
MTN monthly data bundles

How to Buy MTN Monthly Data Bundles

MTN Uganda has unique and affordable monthly data bundles. This article will guide you on how to buy MTN month data bundles. Buy MTN Monthly Data Bundles Using USSD Code This is...