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How To Set A Reminder On Android Using Google Assistant.

This very great piece will help you learn how to set a reminder on Android Using Google Assistant or Home. Many times we lose count of...
Stop Background Downloads In Windows 10

How To Stop Background Downloads In Windows 10

Windows PCs on version 8 and 10 automatically search for new features and update them, usually without your notice. You may find that a quarter of your bandwidth/internet bundles...


“Me To You”, popularly known as ME2U is that service with some sly sophistication of transferring airtime to friends and family so easily at no extra charge.

How To Share a YouTube Video On Your WhatsApp Status.

There are times you watch either a funny video, comic and other kinds of videos on YouTube and you wish to share them with your WhatsApp friends over your status in...
Send WhatsApp Photos Through Your Email

How To Send WhatsApp Photos Through Your Email.

Have you ever thought of sending someone a photo, video, or any other file directly from WhatsApp through email? Yes, it is possible. There is a lot of things you can...
longer videos on your WhatsApp status

How to post longer videos on your WhatsApp status

Have you ever wished to upload a video over 30 seconds long on your WhatsApp status but you couldn’t? It has been something most of WhatsApp users have ever loved to do....

How To Add Colorful Text To Your WhatsApp Status.

The WhatsApp status feature is one of the most liked, and used features on the WhatsApp application. Many users enjoy it because they can update their saved contacts about what is happening...
Change the Color of Whatsapp Text

How To Change the Color of Whatsapp Text

You might be an avid WhatsApp user and have seen your friends share messages of a different color in your inbox, like the one above. These look bold and...
How to make video status on whatsapp

How To Make Video Status On WhatsApp

This article is going share with you how to make video status on WhatsApp.  WhatsApp has currently incorporated several amazing features into its service. Whereas we...
share data bundles

How To Share Data Bundles With Airtel, MTN, Africell And UTL

This guide will walk you through some steps on how to share data bundles with Airtel, MTN, Africell, and UTL. We assume these are the most common telecoms in Uganda.

How to delete any photo and post on Instagram directly.

Instagram is a video and photo sharing technology, and network application whose owners are Facebook, Inc. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger coded and started this application as a cooperation...
borrow airtime credit

How To Borrow MTN, Airtel And Africell Airtime

This article is precisely going to show you how to borrow airtime credit and bundles on MTN, Airtel, and Africell. You go on a trip and...

How To Transfer Files From Pc to Android wireless

There are many ways you can transfer a file from your PC to an android phone. It will not require you a lot of steps and efforts. USB wires...
How to suggest a friend on facebook

How To Suggest Friends On Facebook

If you are looking for a very simple way to suggest friends on the Facebook application, this is the easiest. Many people look for the option of...
crack grammarly premium account

How To Crack Grammarly premium account

Grammarly is an English editing tool used by very many of prominent self-published writers and editing companies. The proof reading job is simplified and takes less time.
How to lock cells in excel with formulas

How To Lock Cells With Formulas In Excel

How To Lock Cells In Excel: With Excel Formulas Such-That They Don't Change When You Paste Has this happened to you (or...