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Advertising possibilities

We at Ugtechmag are always ready to work with new advertisers and companies to bring your product to our audience. First, you should know you’re advertising on a technology consumer website in Uganda.

We offer majorly two types of advertising:

1. Sponsored Posts:  in case you want to publish a press release, video content, advertorial, or any other kind of sponsored post.

2. Banner Advertising: We also offer banner advertising in various sizes and of course, our prices are flexible. you may choose to for the weekly rate or simply buy your desired number of impressions.

Sponsorships and on-site campaigns

In addition to standard ad banners, we at Ugtechmag realize that some advertisers want even more added value. Ugtechmag offers a variety of sponsorships and activities within the site and through our social media channels. For example Contests and distribution Giveaways, sponsoring specific channels or post series on specific topics, and a wide range of user-based activities.

Sounds pretty interesting, right? The good people at our advertising sales team will be happy to answer any questions related to advertising on our website.