List of cheapest data bundles in Uganda

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Uganda’s cheapest data bundles start from as low as UGX 250 on given telecom networks. The battle to receive that one message or google the internet can mean to be a frustrating experience especially when;

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If you have been in such a crucial need of data, kindly have your eyes open. Different telecom networks have made it easy for you to have as little as you need from the lowest credit you have, through cheap and affordable data bundles.


Here are the cheapest data bundles in Uganda

While all service providers offer similar head to head data bundles. The price action prompts you for a great offer depending on the network coverage square. More so, here are some of the cheapest data bundles and how they compare between the top 3 mobile data providers, Airtel, MTN and Africell.

3,000/-500 (3 days)N/A600MB
5,000/-1GB (3 days)1GB1.2GB
Cheapest Daily Data bundles Uganda offered by Airtel, MTN and Africell

According to the above structure, Airtel and MTN are the first contenders for the cheapest data bundle trophy. Africell becomes more friendly with amount increase for example; where Airtel and MTN provide 100MB at UGX 1000, Africell has 150MB for you.

The debate could get tougher now. Though, let us look at how they all fair with the main additional data offers;

Additional data offers

Night Pack2000 || 40002GB || 5GB2GB || 5GBN/A
Wednesday Offer3000 || 5000N/AN/A3GB || 4GB
Freaky Friday4500 || 65004GB || 5GBN/A4GB || 5GB
Other Cheap daily data bundles Uganda

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There are other offers that I have not added to the list like MTN’s Work from Home and Freedom bundles, Airtel’s My Pakalast data bundles, as well as Africell’s revised data bundles that are all in place to make a choice from.

From these additional offers, we can now tell that Airtel and Africell cater for most of the days. MTN can be a consideration based on other factors too like connectivity, data-minute packages, and personal interests. It is that all, No. Africell needs a shout-out.

Africell Uganda has a competitive edge when it comes to data given and the amount required, a huge factor if you are looking for cheap data bundles in Uganda. We can’t ignore the additional MBs it offers compared to the telecom rivals plus the unlimited element.

In case you are more interested in the unlimited data bundles offered by these networks, here is your ultimate guide.

Airtel Vs MTN Vs Africell on Cheap Data Bundles

These 3 network providers should not blind you. There is still competition in the data-connectivity industry.

In the world today, internet bundles is your transport money and internet connectivity is the key. The demand for fast, reliable, and CHEAP internet is increasing by the day. Of course, as the demand gets higher, the next point of consideration becomes quality and affordability.

Competition from different telecom companies like Roke telecom, Liquid telecom, and other fiber data providers in the industry is making our dream possible. This struggle to save the Ugandan internet users is a necessity if we are to have cheap internet bundles at a considerable price.


To benefit fully from these interesting offers, be sure to weigh down, which one fits your wallet. As we have seen earlier above, Africell’s connectivity and increased data bundles come handy. Though, we can’t forego Airtel and MTN when it comes to the cheapest data bundles in Uganda. Who then takes the vote?

You help us decide.