Airtel Uganda Chillax Bundles, Data Bundles that Don’t Expire

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In May 2021, Airtel Uganda launched its first ever bigger and better data bundles that never expire. The highly anticipated bundles are known as Airtel Uganda”Chillax Bundles”. This product gives Airtel subscribers more freedom to use their data at their own pace. In simple terms, get the Chillax bundles and browse like a King. The Chillax bundles are unveiled at the time when MTN has already conquered with MTN Freedom bundles, a similar bundle offer that does not expire.

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With 5 different packages starting as low as UGX 7,500, Chillax redirects us from the usual data bundles that had a validity tag attached to them. Also, Airtel Uganda awards Chillax subscribers with 250 daily MBS to watch Airtel TV.


How Does Chillax Bundle Work

The Chillax data bundle is like any other Airtel data bundle but it does not expire. The fact that it is non-expirable does not guarantee that its unlimited. So basically, you have all the time in the world with a few GBs to take you through. Be careful, once you data bundle is used up, you can buy a new Chillax bundle.

Airtel Uganda Chillax Bundle Packages & Prices

1.5GB7,500No Validity
4.5GB16,000No Validity
7GB25,000No Validity
15GB50,000No Validity
40GB100,000No Validity

How To Activate Airtel Uganda Chillax Bundles

Using USSD Code

Option 1

  • Dial *100#
  • Select option 3, Internet Bundles.
  • Choose Chillax Bundles
  • Select method of payment.
  • Confirm with Airtel Money PIN.

Option 2

  • Dial *175#.
  • Select option 7, Chillax bundle. (The bundles come with free 250 MB daily for Airtel TV)
  • Choose who you buying the chillax bundle for.
  • Select preferred Chillax bundle package.
  • Select Payment method.
  • Enter PIN to confirm payment.
How To Activate Airtel Uganda Chillax Bundles using USSD Codes

Using My Airtel App

  • Open the My Airtel App. (Download App on App Store or Play Store)
  • Choose Buy Bundle
  • Enter number your buying the Chillax bundle for.
  • Scroll down and tap on Chillax Bundle.
  • Select package.
  • Choose payment method and follow the prompts.
How To Activate Airtel Uganda Chillax Bundles using my Airtel App

How to Check Chillax Bundle Volume

Dial *175*4# then OK.

Your Chillax bundle volume will pop up on your screen with out expiry date.

Airtel Chillax Bundles Vs MTN Freedom Bundles

As of now, both Airtel Uganda and MTN Uganda have data bundles that never expire dubbed Chillax Bundles and MTN Freedom bundles respectively. So you must be weighing in on which bundle triumphs over the other. Well both Airtel’s Chillax bundle and MTN Freedom bundles have no validity tag, they have high internet speed. However the pricings and packaging differs.

MTN Freedom bundles start as low as UGX 100 for 6MBS while Chillax bundles are more expensive starting at UGX 7,500 for 1.5GB.

Airtel Chillax Bundles Vs MTN Freedom Bundles