How to Buy Data Bundle for your Airtel Pocket MiFi

How to Buy Data Bundle for your Airtel Pocket MiFi-UGTECHMAG.COM
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The Airtel 4GPocket MiFi comes with 15GB of free WiFi, but at some point, you will use up all your free bundle, and shortly thereafter, you will have to buy a new data bundle. Wondering how you will be able to buy a data bundle for your Airtel pocket Mifi? This guide provides answers to the question. Purchasing a data bundle for your Airtel Pocket MiFi is a quick and easy process that can be done in a few different ways.

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Let’s get started;


Method 1: Use MiFi Settings

Step 1: First we find the IP address of your Airtel 4GPocket MiFi. To do so, turn your 4GPocketMiFi to the back and spot the website IP address.

Step 2: Start your preferred browser and type the IP address ( in the address bar.

Step 3: Now go ahead and enter your password “admin.”

Step 4: Once the dashboard is open, click on Home and select Manage Account.

Step 5: Select “Buy Airtime & Data.”

Step 6: The next prompt will require you to select the validity of your data bundle.

Step 7: Choose the data bundle that you prefer to buy.

Step 8: Select option 1 or 2 for data purchase.

Step 9: Choose One Time or Auto-Renewal.

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Method 2: Use a USSD Shortcode

All Airtel 4GPocket MIFI comes with an Airtel Simcard. For this method, all you have to do is find out the Airtel number attached to that particular Simcard. Do know how to do that, click here to check out a guide on how to know your Airtel number. After finding your Airtel number, follow the step below;

1. Dial *100*9*4# and press OK using Airtel.

3. Choose to Buy For Self or Buy for Another option.

4. Select option 2, MIFI Bundles.

3. Choose the MIFI data bundle package that you want.

4. If you selected Buy For another option, you will be prompted to enter the recipient’s number.

5. At the billing stage, you will be prompted to select your preferred billing method. You can pay via Airtel money or using airtime.

6. If you have chosen mobile money as your billing option, you have to confirm the transaction with an Airtel Money pin.

Airtel MIFI Bundles

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