How to Buy All Network Voice Bundles on Airtel

How to Buy All Network Voice Bundles on
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Airtel is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Uganda, offering various services such as voice calls, internet data, and SMS. To make the most of these services, Airtel has introduced various voice bundle plans to cater to the needs of different customers. The recent introduction is Chillax voice bundle, a voice bundle with no validity tag followed by the Boona voice bundle, a voice bundle that enables the subscriber to make calls across all networks. There is no hesitation, with just a single voice bundle, you get to reach out to family and friends across all networks. This means this bundle allows you to load minutes to call from Airtel to MTN only without deducting the call charge from your airtime. In this article, we will discuss how to buy all network voice bundles on Airtel.

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List of All Network Voice Bundles (BOONA) on Airtel

All Network Voice BundlePrice (Ugx)Validity
25 Mins1,00024 hours
70 Mins2,00024 hours
40 Mins2,5007 days
90 Mins5,0007 days
250 Mins10,0007 days
160 Mins 10,00030 days
400 Mins20,00030 days
800 Mins30,00030 days
Boona Voice Bundle packages on Airtel to call across all networks.

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How to Buy All Network Voice Bundles on Airtel

1. Dial *100*1# using your Airtel number.

2. Choose option 1, Voice Bundles.

3. Select option 6, BOONA (Airtel/MTN).

4. Choose who you buying all networks bundle for. You can buy it for yourself or another number. If you are buying for another number, you will have to enter the recipient’s number.

5. Select the validity of your bundle; Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

6. Choose the BOONA package that fits your wallet.

7. Select the preferred payment method. You can pay using Airtel Money or Airtime. If you have chosen the mobile money option as means of payment, a complete transaction with your Airtel Money pin.

That’s it! You will receive a text message confirming your Boona voice bundle subscription. Don’t put your phone to rest, call up your friends and family across networks.