Pay for Netflix via MPESA in Kenya

How to Pay for Netflix via MPESA in Kenya

Netflix is a popular streaming platform for series, movies, and documentaries. Well, if you are a movie freak then Netflix is a considerable option for you. Gaining membership is simple all...

How to Pay for Safaricom Home Fiber via Mpesa

Safaricom Home fiber allows different homes to access the internet through fiber installed by Safaricom. This article guides you on how to pay for Safaricom Home fiber via Mpesa. ...
Buy Safaricom Roaming Bundles

How to Buy Safaricom Roaming Bundles

Safaricom roaming service enables subscribers in Zone 1 countries like Ghana, South Africa, Netherlands, and China to browse the internet at an affordable rate: This service is available for both Safaricom...
Make a Reverse Call on Safaricom

How to Make a Reverse Call on Safaricom

Who says having no airtime would stop you from making a call on the Safaricom network? Safaricom has introduced a number of ways to ensure that the subscribers stay in touch...
buy Safaricom airtime for another number

How to Send a Voice SMS on Safaricom

If you think a text message would not communicate effectively, then you can choose to send the voice message instead. Voice SMS service enables subscribers to record and send messages. This...
buy Safaricom airtime for another number

How to Buy Safaricom Airtime for Another Number

Did you know that you could buy Safaricom airtime for another number? Safaricom gives you a choice to buy airtime for your friends and family. The procedure to achieve this is...
Buy Zidisha Plus Voice Bundle

How to Buy Zidisha Plus Voice Bundle

If you are a mid-sized business that stimulates from direct communication with your customers, then you should consider subscribing to Safaricom's Zidisha voice bundles. Zidisha offers local and international discounted rates...
Sambaza Airtime on Safaricom

How to Sambaza Airtime on Safaricom

Just likeĀ Airtel Kenya has Me2U, Safaricom has Sambaza. Sambaza service enables Safaricom customers to share data bundles and airtime with friends and family. Subscribers can share airtime starting as low as...

Safaricom Postpay Packages; How to Join

The new Safaricom postpay packages enable subscribers to use data, SMS, and voice bundles then pay later. The bill will be sent to the email address provided during the sign-up process...

How to Check Safaricom Postpay Bill

This post will guide you on how to check your Safaricom postpay bill. Postpay allows subscribers to use Safaricom services and then pay later. The bill will be sent to the...
Buy International Voice Bundles on Safaricom

How to Buy International Voice Bundles on Safaricom

Safaricom has three international voice bundle packages sectioned in the validity of 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days. These bundles enable users to make calls specifically to the USA, China,...
Check Safaricom Airtime Balance

How to Check Safaricom Airtime Balance

Knowing your airtime balance enables you to plan efficiently. So, before you make that call or load any bundle, please check the airtime balance. The guide below will help you check...
Check Safaricom Airtime Usage

How to Check Safaricom Airtime Usage

Safaricom has a web portal on which subscribers can have a breakdown of their airtime usage. This tool works similarly to Safaricom data usage. It gives you a breakdown of airtime...
Check your Safaricom Home Fiber Usage

How to Check your Safaricom Home Fiber Monthly Average Usage

Safaricom has eased the way subscribers use and access services. One of those ways is the availability to check usage. The subscriber can check the Safaricom home fiber monthly average usage....
Buy Safaricom Minutes

How to Buy Safaricom Minutes on My Number

Safaricom has a variety of affordable voice bundles. Using voice bundles allows subscribers to pay less for long extra talking time. Safaricom minutes come in daily, weekly, and monthly package time...

How to Pay M-kopa TV in Kenya

MKOPA offers solar TV sets on credit services to its subscribers. The subscriber can take home a 24" inch or 32" inch TV set according to preference just after clearing the first...