How to Sambaza Data on Safaricom

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Sambaza service allows customers to transfer data between different Safaricom subscribers in Kenya. The service is available for both post-pay and prepay subscribers. Here is how you can transfer Sambaza data on Safaricom.

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Sambaza Data on Safaricom USSD:

  1. Launch dialer.
  2. Dial *544# and press Ok using Safaricom line.
  3. Select Data Sambaza option.
  4. Enter number of bundles to Sambaza in MBs e.g 10 MBs
  5. Then enter the Safaricom number to transfer the data to.

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Sambaza Via SMS:

  1. Open Messages app.
  2. Click on New Messages.
  3. Type the amount of MBS plus the recipient number you want to share data with.
  4. Then send the sms to 450.
  5. Example of 10MB data bundle sambaza is: SMS 10*0722000000 send this to 450

Note: The following messages will be received upon successful request: Sender will receive the following notification “You have transferred *** MB from your account to 722000000. New Balance: ****MB, the expiry date is 16-04-2013.” The recipient will receive the following notification “you have received *** MB from 0720000000. Your account balance is ****, the expiry date is 18-03-2013”.

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Sambaza Data on safaricom Online.

  1. Log onto;
  2. Click on data Sambaza, button.
  3. Then enter amount of bundles to Sambaza in MBs e.g 10 MBs
  4. Enter the recipient’s number.
  5. Take Note: The Service will not be available to the following subscribers who are roaming and owners of Corporate lines will only be able to receive data bundles but will not be able to sambaza to other lines.