How to Check Safaricom Home Fiber Balance

Check your Safaricom Home Fiber Usage
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This article will guide you on how to check Safaricom home fiber balance. If you are using Safaricom home fiber, you should normalize checking your balance so you can not exceed the monthly plan.

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Check Safaricom Home Fiber Balance

  1. Open your phone app
  2. Dial *400#
  3. Select 0 for My Usage
  4. The next toast notification will show you how much data you use for a month, at average.

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How to Add a number to your Safaricom Home Fiber Package

1. Dial *400#
2. select “Manage your subscriptions”
3. select “Existing account”
4. select “Manage contact number”
5. “Add contact number”. Please enter number in the format (7xxxxxxxx) then confirm the details.
6. You will receive an SMS notification confirming the number has been added.

How do I get assistance incase I have queries, issues or complaints?

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