How to Buy Safaricom Roaming Bundles

Buy Safaricom Roaming Bundles
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Safaricom roaming service enables subscribers in Zone 1 countries like Ghana, South Africa, Netherlands, and China to browse the internet at an affordable rate: This service is available for both Safaricom postpay and prepay customers. This article guides you on how to buy Safaricom roaming bundles.

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1. Dial *100*50# (Prepay) or *200*50# (Postpay).

2. Select the “Data roaming bundles” option.

3. Your country will be automatically picked by the network. Alternatively, you can enter the name of your country name in full.

4. Select bundle package ranging from Daily, Weekly, and Monthly packages.

5. Choose a data bundle plan and confirm the purchase of the bundle.

6. Upon successful purchase, you will receive a notification message confirming the purchase of the bundle as well as the validity period.













ZONE 1  

(14/- per MB)


20 MB

225 /-

50 MB

550 /-


100 MB

1,100 /-

200 MB

2,100 /-


500 MB

5,200 /-

1,000 MB

10,300 /-

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How to use Safaricom bundles while roaming abroad.

Check Safaricom Roaming Bundles Balance

Here is how you can check roaming data balance for postpaid and prepaid customers.

For postpaid customers;

  • Launch phone app.
  • Dial *200*50# and press the call button.
  • Your data balance will show on the screen.

For Prepaid Customers;

  • Launch the dialer.
  • Dial *100*50# and press the send button.
  • A message detailing your roaming data balance will be sent to you.