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Airtel Tugabane

How To Share Mobile Internet With Airtel Tugabane

Airtel provides a Tugabane service that allows its customers to share data with their loved ones, friends, or workmates. The Airtel Tugabane service will help you achieve the data-sharing task simpler...
Cybersecurity Comes to the Final Frontier: Main Threats-ugtechmag.com

Cybersecurity Comes to the Final Frontier: Main Threats

Space opportunities are actively growing and developing. Satellite data has become more accessible than ever, and now it can be used to solve many problems both for business and for solving...
People using internet

The Cheapest mobile data bundles in Uganda by Lycamobile

Lycamobile is a UK-based mobile virtual network operator operating in 23 countries, Uganda being the 23rd and newest entrant. Telecom launched in Uganda earlier in the year 2020. As you can expect...
safaricom bonga points

Safaricom Bonga Points; Enroll, Redeem & Check Points

Safaricom rewards its subscribers for every KSHs.10 spent on voice calls, SMS, or data using the Bonga points loyalty program. The more you load, the more points you earn. These points...
Buy Safaricom SMS Bundles

How to Buy Safaricom SMS Bundles

Short Message Services (SMS) are yet to be shunned because of the wide adoption of online instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. However, SMS texting still plays an essential role in...
My Airtel App

Complete guide on using My Airtel App

We all know the challenges of memorizing each and every telecom shortcode, they’re too many to memorize and in this modern age where apps are everything, airtel thought wise to introduce...
Check numbers Registered Under Your NIN

How & Where to Get & Register LycaMobile Simcard in Uganda

How to register LycaMobile Uganda Simcard, and full list of store locations near you
Hide Caller ID on Airtel Kenya

How to Enable Private Number on Safaricom

Did you know that Safaricom allows you to call people privately? This means you can and your number will stay private or appear as a private number for the caller....
how to activate mtn caller tune

How To Set custom MTN caller tune

This article is going to guide you through on how to set up a custom caller tune on your MTN Uganda line. The article will give you a step by step...
Airtel Mobile money transaction rates- ugtechmag

Airtel Vs MTN Mobile money transaction rates 2020

Airtel Uganda recently changed its Mobile money transaction rates and it’s now working with the new Airtel Mobile money transaction rates that I will show you in this post. These rates...
Pay School Fees Via MTN

How to Pay School Fees Via MTN mobile money.

Gone are the days when paying school fees was limited to making long ques in the bank. Lately, with the mobile money evolution, you can pay your child’s school fees at...
MTN MasterCard

How To Create MTN MoMocard (Virtual Master Card)

This article is going to guide you on how to create MTN MoMo Card (Virtual MasterCard) using their *165*70# USSD shortcode. A few days back I wanted to buy a web hosting...
How to change your Mobile Money Pin - UgTechMag.Com

How to change your Mobile Money Pin. (MTN & Airtel)

When you finish registering a sim card with a telecom company, you are given a provisional pin, after which you can change. Other than that, you must have good enough reasons...
Home internet connection with MTN WakaNet

How to stay connected at your home with MTN WakaNet

How to stay connected at your home with MTN WakaNet
Free data happy lady

How to Get Free Data On Airtel Uganda

This article will show ways in which you can get free data on Airtel Uganda to soothe your broken heart when you are unable to buy data and yet you want...
MTN Airtel Simcard Prefix Codes - ugtechmag.com - 1

List of MTN and Airtel Simcard prefix codes in Uganda

List of MTN and Airtel Simcard prefix codes in Uganda
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