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Hide Caller ID on Airtel Kenya

How to Enable Private Number on Safaricom

Did you know that Safaricom allows you to call people privately? This means you can and your number will stay private or appear as a private number for the caller....
Best international call bundles Uganda

Best International call bundles Uganda listed [All telecoms]

Best International call bundles Uganda listed [All telecoms]

5 Reasons You Should Join MTN Uganda

MTN Uganda has proved to be a commanding giant in the telecom industry of Uganda since 1998. As of 30 June 2017, MTN Uganda was the largest telecom company in Uganda, with 11.2 million...
Check your Safaricom Home Fiber Usage

How to Check your Safaricom Home Fiber Monthly Average Usage

Safaricom has eased the way subscribers use and access services. One of those ways is the availability to check usage. The subscriber can check the Safaricom home fiber monthly average usage....
africell data bundles

Africell Uganda rolls out new Juicy Data bundle offers

It was so long that Africell data bundles were the most priced among all its competitors. Let's be honest, Africell internet was a little expensive. But hey, we are not here...
How To Make Receivers Pay Call On MTN, Glo, Airtel, And 9mobile-ugtechmag.com

How To Make Receivers Pay Call On MTN, Glo, Airtel, And 9mobile

Receivers pay call service is a type of payment method offered by telecommunications companies in Nigeria that allows customers to pay for call using the phone number of the person receiving...

How to Send Money to non-Mobile Users & Charges

Mobile money is a secure electronic service that enables telecom users perform any kind of transactions on their phones. With this service, you can conveniently send money to your family and...

Daily, Freaky Data Bundles Removed From Tugabane Services

Airtel Tugabane is a multi-surf service that allows Airtel customers to share data with their loved ones. Launched in April 2015, Tugabane allows the Airtel mobile subscriber to add up to...
Buy Safaricom Airtime from Airtel Money in Kenya

How to Buy Safaricom Airtime from Airtel Money in Kenya

Just like it is possible to buy Airtel airtime from Safaricom’s MPESA, it is also possible to buy Safaricom airtime from Airtel Money. So if you want to top up airtime...
get MPESA Money for Deceased Person

Full List of Safaricom USSD Short Codes

USSD shortcodes make accessing telecom services much easier and memorable. These codes start with a * followed by digits then completed with a #. Safaricom has a number of shortcodes that...
smile forever data bundle

Smile Forever Data Bundles that Never Expire

All Telecom companies in Uganda are trending up with offering their subscribers bundles that do not expire. Just like MTN has Freedom bundles, Airtel has Chillax bundles and Smile has Smile...

How to Buy Safaricom Data Bundles for Another Number

Safaricom allows you to sambaza data bundles with your fellow Safaricom subscribers. However, you can choose to gift friends and family a data bundle rather than sharing your remaining data bundle....
lady on phone

Complete guide on using MTN MoMO App

MTN MoMo App is a mobile-based app version of your MTN mobile money, an app that allows you to access everything mobile money without necessarily having to dial the endless USSD...
get a sim card uganda - ugtechmag.com

How & Where to get a Sim card for the first time in Uganda

How to get a Sim card for the first time in Uganda
Airtel Kenya Data Manager

List of all MTN & Airtel Service Centers in Uganda

List of all MTN, Airtel and Africell Shop Outlets in Uganda
Change MPESA pin if Forgotten

How to Change MPESA pin if Forgotten

If you have forgotten your MPESA pin, then you need to set up a new pin so you can continue enjoying the benefits of using MPESA. Remember if you put in...