USSD Shortcodes codes in Uganda for MTN, Airtel, UTL, Smart & Lyca – Updated

Uganda USSD Code
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As you may all have known, USSD shortcodes are very important when accessing mobile services in Uganda. There are a number of these USSD shortcodes for MTN, Airtel & Africell. In this article, we bring you some of the most important Uganda USSD codes.

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For the past few years, UCC has been struggling to make a standardized form of USSD shortcodes for all major telecommunication companies in Uganda. However, this has barely yielded fruit.

Nevertheless, some Uganda shortcodes such as customer care *100#, check credit balance, and load airtime may be very similar across MTN, Airtel, and Africell.

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USSD Codes Uganda
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What is USSD?

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), sometimes referred to as “Quick Codes” or “Feature codes” is a communication protocol used by telecommunication companies to communicate with mobile network operators’ computers.

You can use USSD codes for sending a text message between a mobile phone and an application program on the network.

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Uganda USSD Code For MTN, AIRTEL & Africell

It’s hard to figure out new USSD codes after switching mobile operators or worse even memorizing these new USSD short codes.

Today we have compiled an updated complete list of Uganda USSD codes for all major telecommunication companies.

USSD Short codes uganda
credit : UNICEF connect

Airtel USSD Codes Uganda

The list below includes an updated Airtel Uganda USSD codes such as Airtime balance inquiry, Airtime recharge, how to check your airtel number, call me back airtel code, and many other airtel Uganda codes.

  • Customer Care toll Free service          *100#
  • Airtel Money                                     *185#
  • Balance check                                   *131#
  • Load Airtime                                     *130*voucher number#
  • Airtel Money                                      *165#
  • Data Bundles                                    *175#
  • Voice Bundles e.g Pakalast                 *149#
  • All products & Services                       *100#
  • Airtel Zone                                        *135#
  • International calling bundles               *146#
  • Loyalty program                                *141#
  • Check sim card registration status       *197#
  • Airtel Football                                    *154#
  • Voice Beerako                                    *143#
  • Data Beerako                                     *143#
  • Airtel games club                                *172#
  • Check bonus minutes                          *170#
  • Blackberry                                         *145#
  • know your number                             *120#
  • Voice mail service                               *121#
  • One and only service                          *100*11*2#
  • Missed call alert                                 *100*11*7#
  • Call me back                                     *100*11*3*2#
  • One network airtime loading               138*airtime pin
  • Me2U /Share credit                           *166*amount*number to                                                            receive#
  • Load badly scratched airtime card      *100*11*6* enter 7 digit                                                  visible pin number you scratched
  • Postpaid usage                                 *144#
  • DND to stop SMS notifications            *196#
  • Beerako advanced credit                    *155#
  • Hello tunes                                       *157#
  • Corporate mega bonus                       *187#
  • Social Media Tax                                *165*2*8#
  • Pay School fees                                 *165*6#
  • Wewole                                            *165*8#
  • Pay Bill                                             *165*4#

MTN USSD Codes Uganda

Below we have included an updated list of MTN Uganda USSD codes such as Airtime balance inquiry, how to check your MTN number, recharge MTN airtime, call me back MTN code, and many other MTN Uganda codes.

  • MTN Prepaid Balance Check                          *131#
  • Mobile Self-Help Menu                                  *100#
  • MTN CallerTunez Menu                                 *170#
  • MTN Play Content Menu                                *180#
  • Un subscribe to content                                *175#
  • 1-4-1 Loyalty                                               *141#
  • MTN Mobile Data Bundles                              *150#
  • Load Airtime                           *130*Voucher number#
  • MTN Mobile Money                                        *165#
  • Social Media Tax                                           *165*2*8#
  • Customer Care toll Free service                     *100#
  • Check MTN Number                                      *160*7*#
  • Borrow Airtime                                              *160*3#
  • MyPakaPaka  Bundles                                     *160*1#
  • Me2U                                                           *160*6#
  • MTN WhoCalled                                             *160*7*6#

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Important MTN USSD Codes

  • ​To check your airtime, dial *131#
  • To change your tariff, dial *151#
  • To load a data bundle, *150*1#
  • To transact with MTN Mobile Money, dial *165# or download the MyMTN app for more convenience
  • To activate MTN CallerTunez and get a variety of call back ring tones, dial *170#
  • For fun games, dial *180# to activate MTN Play
  • For the full menu of MTN service, dial *160#
  • For customer queries, please call 100 (Toll-Free)

Africell USSD Codes Uganda

Below we have included an updated list of Africell Uganda USSD codes such as Airtime balance inquiry, how to check your Africell number, call me back Africell code, and many other Africell Uganda codes.

  • Airtime balance inquiry                             *131#
  • Airtime recharge                         *130*Voucher number#
  • Data balance inquiry and recharge *133# then select “Check your                                                  data” or visit the Self Help Portal
  • Africell Money USSD code              *144#

Uganda Telecom (UTL) USSD codes

Below we have included an updated list of Uganda Telecom (UTL USSD codes such as recharge balance inquiry and others.

  • Airtime balance inquiry                       *131#
  • Airtime recharge                                *130*Voucher number#
  • Data balance inquiry and recharge       *160#
  • M-Sente USSD code                           *185#

Smart Telecom Uganda USSD Codes

Below is an updated list of Smart Telecom USSD codes Uganda.

  • Airtime balance inquiry                       *131#
  • Airtime recharge                                *100#
  • Data balance inquiry and recharge      *100#

Important Lycamobile USSD Shortcodes

  • ​To check your airtime, dial *131#
  • To check your OTT balance *131#
  • To view your number, Dial *192#.
  • Lycamobile airtime using MTN Mobile Money by dialing *252#.
  • Main Menu for Lyca services & Bundles *100#
  • Buy data and voice bundles *100*1#

Smile Communications

For smile users, you can visit this portal for more information

Uganda USSD Code For Telecom companies.

At UG TECH MAG, we keep on updating this list in case of any changes. However, if you feel we’ve missed out on any USSD codes you feel should know about? Let us know in the comments section below.