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check Telekom Kenya number

How to activate missed call alert Airtel

Missed call alerts allow you to be in a position to send out SMS notifications for all the calls you missed when your phone was either off or out of coverage....
Share Telkom Kenya Airtime

How to Share Telkom Kenya Airtime Using Pasha

Just like Safaricom has Sambaza and Airtel Kenya has ME2U, Telkom Kenya has Pasha service which serves similar functions like the latter. Pasha is a service that allows you to transfer...

How to Buy Voice Bundles on MTN Uganda

MTN Uganda has a variety of affordable voice bundles. Using MTN minutes is allows subscribers to pay less for long extra talking time. These voice bundles come in daily, weekly and...
Check Safaricom Postpay Balance

How to Check Safaricom Postpay Balance

Post-pay service is a service where subscribers are billed after using the service. Safaricom Postpay service allows subscribers to purchase a particular plan. Here is how you can check Safaricom postpay...