MTN Uganda Launches The MTN Mobile Money API

MTN Mobile Money API
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MTN Uganda, one of Uganda’s leading telecommunication services yesterday at the Innovation Village Ntinda launched its new MTN Mobile Money API. Being the first telecommunication company to introduce a Mobile Money API in Uganda, MTN Uganda has landed into a fresh market of enabling young developers and innovators use its MTN MoMo API in dynamic electronic payment mechanisms.

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The telecommunications company which has been in Uganda for 20 years now and brought into creation revolutionary digital payment mechanisms like the MTN MoMo Card, has taken it a notch higher by allowing third-party access to its Mobile Money programming interface, this shall enable programmers/developers access its Mobile Money software in simple terms.

With a lot of ecommerce websites emerging in Uganda, mobile money transactions have been prevalent among the many modes of payment. This implies that with the MTN Mobile Money API, e-commerce websites and online shopping applications will incorporate the MTN Mobile Money payment option in their platforms and get paid directly from their customers.

This move to decentralize online payments (particularly with MTN’s Mobile Money platform) shall save application and software developers from building and mapping new instructions, enumeration or transaction types from scratch but rather use those of MTN.

“We have been working for 2 years on this project and I am glad that it will create several opportunities.” – Wim Vanhelleputte, CEO MTN Uganda stated during the launch of the MTN Uganda Mobile Money API.

What opportunities should you reading this, or a developer expect from the opening of the MTN Mobile Money API? Here is all you need to know about the new MTN Uganda Mobile Money API, and how it will help you transact money easily both locally and internationally.


Benefits of the MTN Uganda Mobile Money API

Opening the Mobile Money API has always been an idea thought about and hoped for by young developers in Uganda. This being an easy and swift way of enhancing online transactions – helpful to the Mobile Money service provider, the Developer and the end user has come to pass during this season where electronic payments are a huge trend in Uganda.

The MTN Mobile Money API shall enable developers build products that support MTN MoMo payments. The most amazing thing about the MTN Uganda Mobile Money API is that it’s absolutely FREE and accessible to any developer. No limitations or boundaries.

“The reason I pushed for an API is because there are so many hubs in Kampala including the Innovation Village but no API infrastructure, with this we hope to grow digital payment. This is for you, go ahead and develop make your ideas known” – Elsa Mussoline from MTN said during the launch of the MTN Uganda Mobile Money API

Uganda is a country with a lot of creative minds, there is a need to be agile and grow with the changing impacts of digital payments especially mobile money. The introduction of the MTN Mobile Money API shall foster innovations from the many incubation hubs allover Uganda by encouraging monetization of these innovations, simulate new use cases of the MTN Mobile Money API and build value for innovators.

In addition to launching the MTN MoMo API, MTN Uganda also announce a $250,000 fund for startups.

Generally, the MTN Uganda Mobile Money API shall;

  • Stimulate business and technical innovations
  • Simplify integration of backend data and applications
  • Enhance online sales and marketing activities
  • Boost revenue in Uganda’s economy

What is an API

API stands for Application Program Interface.

An API consists of software tools that enable communication/interaction between two applications. It helps one software system integrate with another, use its functionalities while adding other extra functionalities in order to boost efficiency. This means that using an API of another software gives your software a basis/foundation in building it while making a few changes without incurring costs of starting a new software from scratch.

How to use the MTN Mobile Money API

The MTN Mobile Money API can be accessed by developers online through

All you need to do is Sign up and subscribe, and you shall be given access to your API key and all other necessities.

MTN Uganda is going to host a series of trainings for interested developers from the 17th of November to the 8th of December, a maximum of 100 developers shall be taken on.

Register here:

Any training sessions after this one shall be communicated, so keep following MTN Uganda on their social media handles (Facebook | Twitter) for the latest updates.

The online system provides an option where before the developer’s product goes live, they can test it using a sandbox available at no cost on the website.

MTN Mobile Money API

Products offered by the MTN Mobile Money API

MTN Mobile Money API

The MTN Mobile Money API follows a set of guidelines that help guide the developer on how to implement the API with ease and flexibility. The products which you can build with the API include;

  • Collections

This shall enable collection of payments remotely and automatically from a payer.

The payer will be asked to authorize the payment. The transaction will be executed once the payer has authorized the payment.

  • Disbursements

This shall enable automatic deposits of funds to multiple mobile money users in one transactions.

  • Collection Widget

By just scanning a QR-code, this shall enable website owners receive and approve Mobile Money payments on their websites.

E-commerce websites, Event organizers should really be excited about this one.

  • Remittances

This shall enable people in the diaspora to send funds from remit directly to local people here in Uganda with ease.

MTN being a quick and versatile industry, there is surely more products expected to be provided from the MTN MoMo API.


This is a snip of a one Okwii David, former Editor-In Chief at Dignited. In 2015, he needed access to the MTN Uganda Mobile Money API, and today the story has changed.

MTN Mobile Money API

Spread the news to a developer friend of yours who might need access to this new MTN Uganda Mobile Money API, and let’s digitize the economy for better financial transactions which are cashless.

In my opinion, MTN has stood out in 2018 especially in supporting technology and affecting youths with its campaigns. Hopefully there is more next year.