MTN Senkyu Points, All You Need To Know

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MTN Senkyu is the new loyalty program from MTN where customers are rewarded for using MTN services. This is a revamp of the 1-4-1 loyalty points. The service is absolutely free and all MTN individual customers like prepaid, post-paid and hybrid are eligible for the MTN Locality program. MTN is simply thanking all its subscribers every time they buy airtime and purchase voice plus data bundles, make calls, use MTN internet, use MTN MoMo services and also subscribing to Rich Media Services. This article explains every thing you need to know about MTN Senkyu Points.

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How to Sign-up For MTN Senkyu Points

  • Open your Phone App
  • Dial *141# and the OK.
  • Select option 1, Join now. A message to confirm sign up will pop up on your phone.

How to Check MTN Senkyu Points?

  • Dial *141#.
  • Select option 2, Check Points.
  • Your current points will immediately show on the screen.

How to Redeem MTN Senkyu Points?

You should redeem your MTN Senkyu points offen because all earned points expire after 3 months if not used in the last 90 days.

  • Dial *141#.
  • Select Option 1 Use Points
  • From the list, choose your ideal offer between Minutes, Data, SMS and Momo Pay.
  • Whatsoever offer category you opt for, you will be shown the worth value of your Senkyu points. If it works for you, enter and confirm amount of points to spend. However there is the “Enter number” option that gives the user a chance to take charge of their point expenditure.
  • Confirm with Yes to redeem points. In a few micro seconds, your Points will be exchanged for the offer and topped up to your Account

NOTE: The redeemed minutes, SMS and data are valid for 30 days after redemption date and they automatically expire after the given time period. Hence, redeem your points only when you are ready to use them.

How to Earn Senkyu Points

MTN customers earn points as soon as they join the MTN Senkyu program for the first time, on their birthdays and MTN anniversary. Every time an MTN user buys airtime and purchase voice plus data bundles, make calls, use MTN internet, use MTN MoMo services and also subscribes to Rich Media Services they are awarded points. The table below explains Senkyu points earning matrix.

Senkyu Points Earning Matrix

Activities/Transactions/ Engagement for earning pointsSpend (UGX)Points to Earn
Airtime Recharge
Topup from MoMo agents (excluding Easy Load)1001
Self topup (Direct airtime topup from Mobile Money account)1001
Direct bundle purchase from Mobile Money account1002
Bundle Top up from MoMo or EasyLoad Agents1002
Airtime Usage
Making a call from the Main Account1001
Buying a Voice bundle1001
Data Usage from the Main Account1001
Buying a Data bundle1001
Sending an SMS from the Main Account1001
Buying a Combo or contextual bundle1001
Buying an SMS bundle1001
Subscribing to a Rich Media Service1001
Mobile Money
MoMo Fees charged on Revenue Generating Events (Tax exclusive)1002
MoMo Deposit50001
Activities/Transactions/ Engagement for earning pointsRequired Spend per pointPoints Earned based on Tenure
0 – 12 MonthsMore than 1 Years
Bonus and Promotions
MTN Network AnniversaryN/A500500 * Years on Network
Joining BonusN/A500500
Customer Birthday BonusN/A500500