How to Recover Airtel Money Sent to a Wrong Number

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Your initial plan was to send money to a particular number but unfortunately, you sent it the wrong number. This is common, just one single misplacement of a digit totally changes the plan. I admit that this situation is perplexing and baffling. However, take a breath, everything will be fine. Before you think of blaming Airtel, read these detailed steps on how to reverse Airtel money sent to a wrong number.

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What to do when you send airtel money to a wrong number


First things first, pick up your phone and contact Airtel Customer Care Centre as soon as you notice that you sent Airtel money to a wrong number. However this complaint should be raised within 7 days of performing the transaction. Also keep in mind that the telecom company will not reverse the funds if the money was withdrawn from the wrong receipt’s Airtel money account or sent from one person to another subsequently.

Airtel Customer Service Contact

  1. Call Airtel Customer Care on 100
  2. Check out official Twitter page.
  3. Airtel Facebook page.


Once the case has been reported, Airtel will immediately freeze the account to disable money withdrawal. The Airtel customer agent will contact the wrong receipt to seek their permission to reverse the money. If the wrong receipt agrees, the process to reverse the money will commence. After that the funds will be reversed from the wrong receipt’s number back to the sender with in 24 hours. Airtel will then charge the victim UGX 5000 as reversal fee from your Airtel money account.

If the wrong receipt disagrees, the whole process will come to a halt. This means Airtel will be unable to help you reverse the money to your account. At this point, you can open a case with the police and follow up to get a court order to retrieve the money.

However, Airtel strongly advises all its costumers to re-confirm their transaction before clicking on the Send / OK key.