List of all MTN & Airtel Service Centers in Uganda-Updated 2024

Airtel Kenya Data Manager
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Are you looking for an MTN or Airtel service center Outlet nearest to you? Do you have a query you longing to air out one-on-one with the service center outlet customer care service? We comprehend the hard time you have to go through to locate genuine telecom outlets so you can access reliable products, sim cards, large sums of money, and above all get help. This article shows you a detailed list of MTN and Airtel service centers plus their physical addresses.

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MTN Service Centers in Uganda

MTN Service Center Outlets

Physical Address

Crested Tower Service Center

Crested Towers Building

Kyaggwe Service Center

Mukwano Mall, Kyaggwe Road

Lugogo Mall Service Center

Shoprite Mall Lugogo, Jinja Road

Shoprite Clock Tower

Shoprite Mall, Ben Kiwanuka

Kampala Road Service Center

Plot 28, Kampala Road

Forest Mall Service Center

Forest Mall Ground Floor

Acacia Mall Service Center

Acacia Mall 1st Floor

Village Mall Service Center

Village Mall Bugolobi 1st Floor

Victoria Mall Service Center

Victoria Mall Entebbe Ground Floor

Entebbe Airport Service Center

Entebbe Airport, Arrivals Lounge

Jinja Service Center

Plot 54, Lubus Road, Cassino Building

Mbale Service Center

Plot 41, Republic Street Mbale Town

Mbarara Service Center

Plot 5, High Street Mbarara

Fortportal Service Center

Baguma Crescent Building, Lugard Road

Masaka Service Center

Masaka Road Nyendo

Gulu Service Center

Plot 15, Nehru Road, Gulu Obote Avenue, Lira

Lira Service Center

Opposite Opportunity Bank, Plot 47 Adumi Road

Arua Service Center

Orasea Complex, Arua Town

Masindi Service Center

Plot 28-30 Masindi Port Road, Masindi

Moroto Service Center

Plot 21, Lia Street, Moroto Municipality

MTN Shop outlets in Uganda - ugtechmag
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Airtel Service Center Outlets in Uganda

Shop NameShop LocationMonday – SaturdaySundayContact
New ParkOpp Mukwano Arcade8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999702
ThobaniKampala Road, Opp Crown House8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999703
Ben KiwanukaShoprite, Clock Tower8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999701
Forest MallForest Mall – Lugogo8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999704
AcaciaAcacia mall, Shop G1.o6A9:00am – 9:00pm9:00am – 9:00pm200999753
LugogoGame, Lugogo Mall8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999706
Kingdom KampalaShops; G07/098:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999705
NtindaNext to DFCU, Opp the Mosque8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999707
MbararaHigh Street -Opp. Shell or DT Bank8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm0200999717
GuluPlot 24 Coronation Rd8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999709
LiraMain street, Obote AV.8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999710
MbaleRepublic Street, Opp CPS8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999752
HoimaPlot 1A Main Street, Opp Total8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999769
AruaTransport road near Forte Bet8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999711
WampewoAirtel House, Wampewo Avenue8:00am -6:00pm9:00am – 2:30pm200999708
MasakaEligin Street, Opp Buddu Plaza8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999718
BugolobiMiddle East, Opp Barclays Bank8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999754
SorotiPlot 43 Solot Avenue, Soroti Municipality8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999741
KabaleMain Kabale – Kisoro Road, Opp.. Bus Stage8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999763
TororoMbale Road Opp.. Barclays Bank8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999742
AmolatarAmolatar Town next to Town View Supermarket8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999756
NakasongolaNakasongola Town Opp UGAPLY before FINCA8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999712
KanunguKasese road Opp.. UEDCL OFFICES8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999764
KagadiMugenyi Street Kagadi Town Next to Stanbic Bank Kagadi8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999771
SironkoOpp.. TOTAL Sironko petrol station – Mbale Road8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999743
OyamLoro Town Opp YY Coach Offices Next to Tourist Motel.8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999758
PaderPader Town Opp.. Pride Microfinance Pader8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999759
RukungiriRukungiri Town Next to URA Offices near Stanbic Bank8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999766
AgagoPatong Town Council Opp.. Bank Of Africa Patong8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999755
LuukaKiyunga Trading Centre8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999730
KaliroKaliro Town Opp.. Mogas Petro Station8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999729
KapchorwaKitale Rd, Opp Rock Building8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999744
YumbeAwule road, near shell petrol station8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999775
BusiaCustom Road towards the Boarder Before the DFC bank8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999732
LwengoMbirizi road Opp.. Nasib petrol station8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999722
Lukaya / KalunguOpp.. shell Lukaya next maseke restaurant8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999721
MpigiOpp.. Total petrol station Mpigi, Masaka road8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999723
Kalangalanext to Bunga bet and island tech hub8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999720
IsingiroOpp. DFCU BANK, NEXT BELL DEPOT8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999719
NebbiURA building ground floor8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999778
KyegegwaDistrict Headquarters next to Kyegegwa grade one court8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999770
KisoroOpp.. Kindly petrol station mutorere road Kisoro8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999765
KotidoNext to Total Petrol Station and Arise & Shine hotel,8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999761
ApacAKOKORO road round about8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999757
KiyindiAfter club Rox, Opp.. Kingdom Life Faith Church8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999733
KumiOngino road Opp technical institute, Opp sunset pub.8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999745
Pallisa – KubukuTirinyi Road Next to Total8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999747
NamutumbaOpp.. Sky Finacial Services after the Round about8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999734
KyenjonjoKampala Taxi Stage, Next to Link Bus Offices8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999772
AbimLira-Abim Main Road, Near Gateway bus offices8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999760
NtungamoKabale -Ntungamo Road Opp.. sap general hardware8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999767
IbandaNear Former DFCU bank -Main Street Ibanda8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999724
LuweroLuwero next to Don Petrol Station8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999713
NakasekeSemutto town next wholesale pharmacy8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999714
BukwoBukwo town Opp.. Mt Zion Guest House8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999746
MalabaOpp.. Paragon Med clinic Malaba8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999749
BugweriOpp Idudi Trallor check point and Ibanda Restaurant8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999736
RakaiRakai town8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999725
MasindiPortal road Opp.. Kitara FM Radio8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999774
KibogaAlong Kiboga-Hoima Main Road, Opp Kiboga Central Police8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999715
SembabuleAlong Ntusi road after Petrol city8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999726
MorotoMain road from Soroti, Opp Wave Offices in Moroto town8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999762
ButalejaTororo road, Busolwe town next to Shree baraj hardware8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999748
BweyaleAlong Kampala -Gulu highway, Opp Coca-Cola Building8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999773
LwakhakaOff Mbale border to the exit border gate8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999750
KobokoAlong Yumbe road, Opp.. airtel/mtn dealer shops8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999780
BubuloNext Bubulo supermarket8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999751
KamwengeStation Highway Road Kamwenge Opp Finance Trust Bank8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999768
KyoteraKyotera-Rakai Next to finca8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999727
KasandaLocated at Myanzi off Mityana highway Opp.. Stabex8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999728
BuwengeJinja-Kamuli highway next main Buwenge health center 48:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999737
MayugeOn Musita Road before Total in Mayuge Town8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999739
AdjumanOpp.. Total8:00am-6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999781
PakwachOn Nebbi Road next to Nile Star Bus Offices8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999782
JinjaMain street Rd, near Post Office8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999738
MbaleOpp Total near Mbale Main Hospital8:00am-6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999740
Garden CityNext to Cairo Int. Bank8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
Victoria MallEntebbe9:00am – 7:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
FortportalAlong Rukidi III Street8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
MbararaHigh Street -Opp. Shell or DT Bank8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm0200999717
IshakaOpp.. Ishaka Stage next to MTN Service Center8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
LyantondeMain Mbarara – Masaka Highway8:00am-6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
KayungaBaale Road, Opp Equity Bank8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
IgangaMain Street, Next to MTN Shop8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
NdeebaOpp.. Eco Bank8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
JinjaMain street, Next to CPS8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
KabalagalaJohn Rich Building, Opp Mosque8:00am-6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
NansanaOpp.. Nabweru Road8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999716
KaseseMagherita Street, adjacent Uganda Baati Hardware8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
MityanaNext to URA offices8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
MubendeMain street near Centenary Bank8:00am-6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
MukonoAfter Sombe Supermarket – Jinja Rd , Mukono8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
KamuliRound About, next to Stanbic Bank8:00am-6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
KitgumJanan Luwum street8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm
NamayingoNamayingo Town Opp.. Buyinja Health Centre IV8:00am -6:00pm9:00am -1:30pm200999731
BugiriTotal Petrol Station Bugiri8:00am -6:00pmClosed200999735
Airtel shop outlets in Uganda
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Africell Shop Outlets in Uganda

Update: Africell closed shop in Uganda in 2021.

Africell Shop

Physical Address

Africell Head Office

Clement Hill Road, Plot 28-30, Kampala

Africell Shop

Kampala Road, Boulevard Building

Entebbe Service Center

Plot 24, Kampala Road Entebbe

Africell Shop Kabalagala

Opp Equity Bank Kabalagala

Wandegeya Shop

Plot 240, Makerere Hill Road

Africell Shop Bugolobi

Village Mall, Ground Floor Near Shell Bugolobi

Africell Shop Capital Shoppers

Capital Shoppers, Ground Floor, Ntinda

Africell Shop

Forest Mall 2nd Floor

Downtown Service Center

Plot 1/2/3 Ben Kiwanuka Road, Shoprite Downtown

Mukono Shop

Plot 46, Kampala Road, Mukono Opp Bata Shop

Mbale Shop

Upland House, Cathedral Avenue, Mbale

Mbarara Shop

Plot 35, Mbarara High Street, Mbarara

Arua Service Center

Arua Town, Gulam Close

Masaka Africell Shop

Plot 4, Shop 8h Kampala Road, Masaka

Gulu Shop

Nehru Road, Gulu

Jinja Service Center

Plot 49c Main Street, Jinja

Hoima Shop

Plot 23 Main Street – Next to Johns Stores, Hoima

Africell telecom shop outlets in Uganda
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Note: There are a number of dealer shop outlets that this article did not deplete. If you fail to access the telecom provider service centers we have listed above, opt for a dealer shop around you but remember to always take caution.

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