Decoders in Nigeria -

What Decoder Should You Subscribe to in Nigeria?

What decoder should you subscribe to in Nigeria?
GOtv Channel List, Packages & Prices in

GOtv Channel List, Packages & Prices in Nigeria

GOtv is a popular digital television service provider in Nigeria that offers a range of TV packages and channels to suit different viewing needs and preferences. GOtv provides a cost-effective and...
Link StarTimes Decoder to a Smart phone

How to Link StarTimes Decoder to a SmartPhone

The vigorous rise of digitalization has led to the birth of digital TV broadcasting. It all started with connecting the StarTimes decoder to your television set and now you can link...
Find StarTimes Smart card number

How to Pay Startimes Using Airtel Money

StarTimes Uganda offers paid-for digital television services to its subscribers. Customers can pay for StarTimes using Airtel money on their mobile phones. This article shows you how you can pay StarTimes...
Lock Channels on StarTimes (Parental Control)

How to Lock/Unlock Channels on StarTimes (Parental Control)

In this article, ugtechmag will detail a step-by-step guide on how to lock channels on StarTimes. StarTimes subscribers have a provision to lock channels as a parental control measure. So if...
Delete Unwanted Channels from DSTV

How to Remove/Delete Unwanted Channels from DSTV

Do you want to remove/delete unwanted channels from DSTV? DStv makes it possible for subscribers to delete particular channels from their package. The channels will appear on the channels and will...
Insert DSTV Smart Card

How to Insert DSTV Smart Card

Inserting your smart card correctly in the decoder will prevent you from getting error codes like E04, E05, E06, and E07. All those error codes are related to the incorrect insertion...
DSTV Decoder Prices in Kenya

How to Pair New DSTV Remote with Decoder

This article shows you the steps you should follow to pair the new DSTV remote with a decoder. The method listed below works for both the Zapper HD decoder and the...
zuku Kenya packages

Zuku TV Uganda Packages, Channel List & Decoder Prices

This guide will detail Zuku TV Uganda packages, channel list, and decoder prices. While choosing a digital decoder for your home, you should consider cost, channel preferences, and quality of services rendered....
GOTV Kenya decoder price

Can a DSTV Remote Work on GOTV Decoder

Since both GOTV and DSTV are sister companies under the Multichoice Africa group, several people think they share products like remotes which is not true. One of the most popular questions...
GOTV Kenya decoder price

How to Pay GOTV Subscription Using MTN Mobile Money

The most frustrating moment is when you realize you cannot access your favorite channel on GOTV. It’s a time-up warning for you to pay for a new GOTV subscription using MTN...
GOtv Kenya Packages

GOTV Uganda Packages, Channels & Decoder Prices

GOTV is the home of African television dedicated to providing affordable family entertainment to Africans. The cable television service is most renowned for delivering the greatest choice of local channels made...
DSTV Uganda Packages

DSTV Uganda Packages, Channels & Decoder Prices 2024

This guide is about DSTV Uganda Packages/bouquets that you should check out for your home decoder in 2024. DSTV (Digital Satellite Television) is one of the leading television and home entertainment services...
connect new GOtv remote to a decoder

GOTV Remote Price and Where to Buy?

If your old GOTV remote is spoilt then you need to replace it with a new functioning remote. Using the decoder button comes with a lot of work and yet it...
Azam TV Packages - PayTV Uganda -

Azam TV Channel List, Packages & Decoder Price-2024

Azam TV Packages 2021, Decoder Price & Channels
Startimes TV Uganda packages

Startimes TV Uganda Packages, Channels & Decoder Prices 2024

This article is going to guide you through some of the best Startimes TV Uganda packages that you should probably be subscribing to, the specific channel lists for the various packages,...
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