How to Connect New GOTV Remote to a Decoder

connect new GOtv remote to adecoder
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If you have just acquired/purchased a new GOTV remote, then you must be wondering how you will connect the new GOtv remote to a decoder. First, you have no need to worry because the process of connecting a new GOTV remote to a decoder is very simple and precise. Here is what you have to do to connect the new GOtv remote to a decoder.

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  • Unwrap the new remote and make sure that its working fine with the batteries.
  • Switch on your TV which should be connected to the GOtv decoder.
  • Go ahead and position the remote towards the decoder direction.
  • Then press any button on the new remote (a green light will blink each time you press a button on the GOTV remot).
  • The remote will then connect automatically.
  • In case it fails to work please contact GOTV customer care service.
connect new GOtv remote to a decoder
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