Make money online insights and trends

How To Verify The Legitimacy And Credibility Of A Website/Online Platform

The internet has created a lot of opportunities, eased livelihood and businesses worldwide but like the saying, “everything has the good and bad side”. Criminals and conmen have now resorted to...
freelancing oppurtunities in Uganda

15 Freelancing Opportunities For Ugandans

The level of unemployment in Uganda and East Africa is so high. The youth keep on crying to the government for jobs and the government always asserts that it’s welcoming and...
Make Money from Social Media in Uganda.

8 Actionable Ways to Make Money from Social Media in Uganda.

According to the Trading Economics research, unemployment rate in Uganda increased to 2.10 percent in 2017 from 2 percent in 2016. The unemployment rate in Uganda averaged 2.38 percent from 1991...
MGID Review Publishers

MGID Review For Publishers 2020 – Best Google Adsense Alternative

MGID REVIEW for Publishers : Introduction MGID Review 2020 is dedicated to all publishers who are seeking to monetize their blogs with native Ads. MGID is one of the oldest and best Alternative to...
work form home Uganda

Top 10 best online Jobs to work at home in Uganda

A couple of my readers have been asking me to write about some of the online jobs they can do from home in Uganda . The reality is, their are a...
make money on steemit

What is Steemit and How can you Make Money on Steemit .

What is Steemit and How can you Make Money with it The first time i heard of steemit was through a youtube sponsored ad and trust me, i was puzzled to checkout...
Make money online in Uganda

10 super easy ways to earn money online in Uganda.

Making money online in Uganda is like a dream come true for many people. Ideally, this is because making money online is kinda stress-free, easy and very profitable. There are many ways...
things you need to understand before starting up a blog

5 things you need to understand before starting up a blog in Uganda

Blogging has been part of me ever since I was 18 and it's something i have done for a long time. Starting up a blog in Uganda is misunderstood with facts...