10 super easy ways to earn money online in Uganda.

Make money online in Uganda
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Making money online in Uganda is like a dream come true for many people. Ideally, this is because making money online is kinda stress-free, easy, and very profitable.

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There are many ways to make money online in Uganda. Did you know that more and more people are commuting from home, building online businesses, and contracting or freelancing online? Find something that interests you or that you are good at, and then focus on that one skill. You have the option of gradually raising your rates or hiring people to do the work for you and then starting another business. Either way, you need to work hard, stick with it, be willing to experiment until you get it right, and keep going.

I started working online in Uganda way back in 2016 during my high school vacation and I have never looked back since then. Making money online has been a wonderful experience in my life and I would wish to share with my readers some of the ways to make money online in Uganda.

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Ways to earn money online in Uganda.

1. Freelancing


I put freelance work first because it’s something you can start today with zero up-front investment. And if you take the time to move beyond writing and master a specialized in-demand skill, you can easily earn a 5 figure per month.

Isn’t that good news.

The bad news is that the freelance world is fiercely competitive. To give you an idea of just how competitive it is. There are over 200,000 contractors in the writing and translation category on one freelance site alone (Upwork)! And with intense competition comes a bidding war where contractors tend to work for peanuts. Here are just a few of the most In-Demand freelance positions

Opportunities to make money online in freelancing Uganda

  • Writing

Includes writing blog posts, articles, ebooks, print books, brochures, newsletters, booklets, white papers, brochures, special reports, package information, advertising copy, and press releases. Blog sites like ugtechmag.com pay UGX 10,000 per article you write on the website.

  • Programming

WordPress, HTML5, PHP, Ruby on rails, mobile apps, WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, WordPress is dominating the web, eCommerce, Joomla, and MySQL.

  • Graphic Design

Web design, print design, packaging infographics, logos, vectors, corporate identity, videography, and business card design.

  • Internet Marketing

SEO, PPC account management, social media (especially YouTube and Pinterest), sales copywriting, website conversion optimization, sales, email marketing, PowerPoint presentations, public relations, blogger outreach, and guest posting services.

  • Translating

Hot languages at the moment include Chinese, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Japanese. However, no matter what “other ” language you speak, you can usually find work if you’re talented or experienced


Who says you need your own product to make money online? Top affiliate marketers like pay Flynn and John  Chow make enviable 6 figure incomes by recommending other people’s products. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can make money fairly quickly as there’s no need to become an expert or struggle with product development. Simply get your affiliate link in front of people interested in a product or service and when they buy, you’ll get a commission on every sale. It’s important to note that due to the low barrier to entry and ridiculous margins, affiliate marketing is quite competitive. 

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3.Sell Arts, Crafts and Other handmade Stuff

make money online uganda

People are sick and tired of buying the same produced crap that everyone else has. And they’re willing to pay big bucks for something handmade and unique. If you have a knack for sewing arts and crafts or handmade jewelry there are a few amazing online marketplaces to help you cultivate and sell your work.


Make money online in uganda

CPA marketing is a less famous cousin. The only difference between the two is that with CPA you get paid when someone performs an “action ” which is often free for the user.  Examples include getting a quote on insurance signing up to a website or requesting information on online colleges. If done right CPA can be very lucrative



If you want to put your content on authority sites that already have a steady stream of traffic – get paid for it- then you may be interested in revenue sharing with authority sites.  By posting your content on authority sites you’ll get more traffic than if you posted it on your own blog(unless of course. you had an authority site of your own ). In return, you get a cut of the money they make.

This isn’t my favorite way to make money online because I don’t like sharing my revenue with someone else. That being said, this is a great way to start earning a passive income on the web. There are literally hundreds of revenue-sharing sites, but it’s best to put your effort behind reliable, proven winners.


make money online uganda

Make no mistake video marketing is a HUGE business opportunity. With YouTube emerging as the place to share and watch videos, many internet marketers are making full-time salaries just from YouTube videos. The key to doing well with video marketing is providing tremendous value to whoever is watching.

If you can get a loyal following on your YouTube channel, you can literally drive traffic to anywhere you want, whether it be an affiliate offer or your own site.


make money online uganda

This a perhaps a newer way of making money online that’s making people very rich. In a nutshell, you’re buying web real estate at a low price and flipping it up to 100x the original price. of course, like any real estate, you’ll need to put in plenty of ‘sweat equity in order to increase the value of your properties. This means generating more traffic and  (most importantly ) profit from your site. It’s MUCH easier to flip a site that’s already a consistent earner than one with potential.


make money online uganda

Ever want to turn your passion into profit? Then blogging maybe you answer. However, before you begin it’s important that you understand that blogging isn’t the fast track to millions. If you follow the story of the most successful bloggers on the planet – like Seth Godin and Perez Hilton – you’ll notice that they had to hustle like mad to get where they’re today. And they chose a topic that they were passionate about and could make their money. If you want to make money from blogging I recommend that you do the same. Read also: 5 Things you need to know before starting up a blog in Uganda

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Paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to start making money online. That being said, they definitely won’t bring home anything close to a full-time salary. Consider surveys a side dish to your “makes money online strategy”.

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If you can provide monthly value to your niche market then you may want to consider setting up a membership site. The best thing about a membership site is that you get a semi-predictable recurring income month after month. However, to gain and keep subscribers you’ll need to deliver tremendous value on a near-daily basis. This isn’t for those that like “set it and forget it” businesses.

8 super easy ways to make money on facebook in Uganda

By the time you decided to spare some time to read this, you might have been asking yourself whether it’s possible to make some money over this popular social network Facebook in Uganda.

I must assure you that it’s very possible to make money over Facebook in Uganda. In this section, I have decided to share the top 8 super easy ways to make money over Facebook in Uganda.

Some of these ways I have tried out myself and have proven to be successful. I have personally spent 10 years on Facebook. I have done several case studies on Facebook with respect to Uganda on topics like how Facebook logarithms work and this one how to make money on Facebook Uganda.


Have you heard of social media influencers? These are people who have a huge following on social media. Facebook particularly has got many influencers. These people can earn money by promoting products and brands over Facebook.

How to get started as an influencer on facebook in Uganda?

To become an influencer over the social networks you have to grow your fan base. Influencers must have a huge following in order to attract brands. Influencers in Uganda earn between 200k to 1m for a gig but this varies on the brand contract.

So if you want to earn money over social networks in Uganda as an influencer, you need to grow your fan base.

Selling & Buying over facebook .

This is another way of making money over Facebook in Uganda with less hustle. Selling & Buying over Facebook is as simple as posting a product in a sell and buy group and wait for customers to hit your inbox.

People sell & buy several products on Facebook among which are the popular ones smartphones/ gadgets, furniture, home appliances, cars, electronics, and others.

To get started, you need to join some of the popular sells and buy groups like Olx Uganda, Blackmarket, katale africa, and many others where you’ll begin spotting opportunities or deals that are relevant to you.

Make money blogging

Wait have you seen those link posts on Facebook from sites you even don’t recall. Then there is something you didn’t know. People are making millions of shillings by just driving visitors/traffic from Facebook to their websites.

Does this sound ridiculous? Check out this article How to make money blogging in Uganda and you’ll get to know what am talking about in detail.

However, blogging is one easy way to make money over Facebook in Uganda with less hustle. In fact with this tactic, you can make money while asleep easily in Uganda.

Offer a service and promote it.

It’s true you can offer a service on Facebook and get potential customers paying for it. In fact with Facebook nowadays, you don’t need to have an office to get customers. All you need is just setting up a simple Facebook page and you’re done.

Not really done. After setting up a Facebook page and identifying what service you can offer. You’ll need to post a convincing written piece on your timeline advertising what you can do and promote it by either sharing in groups or sponsoring a Facebook ad. Some of the popular services you can offer on Facebook include computer repair, installing windows, cleaning, gardening, coaching, expert consultancy, and many others.

It’s just as simple as that.

Sharing Affiliate links .

This may sound a bit new but it’s one of the commonest and easiest ways to make money over Facebook. So with affiliate links, you share a link to your Facebook timeline or groups encouraging friends to sign up to a certain application and you’ll get a commission on each and every sign up depending on the terms and conditions of the application. I have personally tried out the following mobile apps and made a few thousand dollars commission.

You can also read this How to make money easily with money SMS if you want to make money by receiving test messages from big telecom companies in the UK.

Open up a facebook shop .

What is a Facebook shop? A Facebook shop is more like an eCommerce platform like Jumia with limitations to Facebook’s audience. Given the fact that many Ugandans use social packs, it’s easier for someone to open up and run a shop on Facebook.

Note from Editor: Social media packs and OTT were removed by the time of updating this article

Facebook provides this feature in its pages. So if you need to set up a Facebook shop in Uganda, you’ll need to create a Facebook page named your shop name. After this, you’ll need to add a shop feature on the page to add products and price rates for you’re customers.

Promote your brand over Facebook .

If you have a business, Facebook is one place you can promote it. There are two ways I use to promote my businesses on Facebook.

1. Sharing my business Facebook page in the target group.

2. Promoting my Facebook page and products using Facebook sponsored ads. This tactic is better since it allows you to engage with a genuine audience. It also converts better than the sharing in Facebook groups method.

Networking over facebook .

Facebook is a good place to meet new friends and network. Utilize your time on Facebook inboxing successful business people asking them if you can work with them as volunteers. It’s true that these people will normally ignore your messages since they are always busy. However, as the saying goes “Better try than never “

Keep trying and you never what the future holds for you.

Conclusion :

Of course, there are so many ways to make money over Facebook in Uganda with less hustle. I also compiled an article about how to make money online in Uganda. You can check it out over the link and let me know what you think.

If you’ve liked this or you need to recommend more ways to make money on Facebook and online that you think we should know, please share with us in the comment section below.


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