Top 10 Best Online Jobs to Work at Home in Uganda

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A couple of my readers have been asking me to write about some of the online jobs they can do from home in Uganda. The reality is, that there are a whole lot of jobs online that you can do while sitting or taking your coffee at home in Uganda. There is no reason for doing some of those low-paying jobs when you can go for some of these options. In today’s article am going to share with you some of the top 10 best online jobs to work at home in Uganda, to give you an idea or impression of how you can get started earning a full-time living without even living in your house.

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Before we get down into some of these jobs, there are a couple of things I wanted to mention

Some of these jobs require certain specific skills or training. And some of them don’t require a certain set of skills.


1. Graphic Designer

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A graphics designer designs visual art normally for businesses, they may be designing a logo or a business card, or they might also design a brochure or T-shirt pretty much anything visual.

There are some specialized skills that you need to have to do this job. You need to have a good eye, and then normally you have to be able to use some Adobe products like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. There are certainly no qualifications that you need to have to be a successful graphic designer but you need to use those graphic design tools very professionally.

Graphic designers earn on average $20-$45/hr and of course, some people charge less than that and some people have popular businesses and charge more than that.

2. Web Designer

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The second job on my list is web designer. There are a couple of jobs here that are related to web designing i.e. web developer and webmaster and all of which have different aspects of creating websites for businesses. In the end, these jobs require slightly different skill sets that you’ve to learn to do a website effectively. If you’re reading this and are just wondering why you don’t have the skills to be a graphic designer or web designer, you don’t have to worry because you don’t need to go to college to learn these skills. There are a couple of home study courses like online courses or courses you can take from universities but can study anything you need to know to become a graphics designer or web designer in less than a year online.

Web Designers typically charge per project and common rates range between $2000- $5000 per website.

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3– Video Editor

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This job also requires some specialized skill though video editing is something you can easily teach yourself by dedicating time and doing some research.

Some people hire video editors to do some basic things and those jobs go for $15 – $40/hr but then their other people who want to hire people with very advanced editing skills. How you get a job here mostly depends on how much skill you have to offer them.

So you might be wondering how you might get started with these jobs, but actually, you can find these potential customers on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. Of Course, there are thousands of thousands of businesses that post jobs and are looking to hire freelancers for these different skills. If you want to get out there, start simply and create accounts on one of these platforms.

4. Author

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Are you passionate about writing? Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, are an experienced writer, or are a complete novice, you can make money by writing an ebook!

This popularity in e-readers has opened up a whole new range of opportunities to writers who thought their dream of getting a book published would never come to fruition. The emergence of electronic self-publishing has enabled anyone to publish an e-book to a potential audience of millions, worldwide!

Authors online can typically earn between $5/book per sale or $1000 – $5000/ Month depending on the type of article you have out there.

5. Sales Copywriter

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You may have no idea about what this is but basically, whenever you see text in an ad on Facebook or text on a billboard or even on a website those are Sales Copywriter’s work. Some people have made this career in writing a persuasive text to draw customers in and try to convince them to buy something. These people write what is called sales copy and thus are called sales Copywriters.

This job is interesting because it doesn’t necessarily require any specialized set of skills. A Good English skill can be an added advantage and you need to understand human psychology at the basic level normally you should study marketing at the basic level to connect with customers.

These are some things you can teach yourself in a very short time. Most sales Copywriters charge per project depending on the size. They may charge between $150 – 2000/project

6. Course Creator

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Something makes the online courses right! That something can be you or it can be a professional in a field who put his knowledge into an online course. There are online courses about anything we ever thought about, we are talking about Marketing, Business, Design, Music, Academics, cooking, and literally anything you can think of. If you’re a professional photographer, or web designer or have a hobby like cooking, music or it could be a personal skill that you have but everyone has something that they are good at and other people would like to learn what you know.

So you take time to build an online course with written lessons and maybe shoot some videos, then you can start selling some courses on your website or post them on a site like Udemy or Coursera

Online courses typically sell from anywhere from 100$ to 200$

7. Ad Manager

Credit: Google

Ad Manager is someone who sets up Facebook ads, and Google ads and manages them for clients. Some specialized skills are required, you certainly need to learn how to run the ads, and study marketing strategy so that you can figure out how to get good results for your client. These are skills you can learn from reading courses or researching online.

Ad Managers typically charge $200- $2000 client /month

8. Editor

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There are a lot of writers out there these days whether they are self-published authors or bloggers or writing for their business or somebody else and after they write they need someone to look over that material with a detailed eye and give them suggestions on how they gonna improve it.

Freelance Editors are in high demand, So if you’re good at grammar or spelling then the Job of Editor is suitable for you.

Editors typically charge per word and the average rate ranges between 2 & 5 cents per word

9. Membership site creator

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So there are a lot of websites out there online that provide a lot of valuable information every day, kind of like a course but different or maybe more of like a forum it just depends on the kind of website. Membership sites focus on specific kinds of people i.e. cooking sites, meeting sites, or digital marketers or sites for all these sorts of people that provide ongoing resources every month.

Somebody has to maintain these sites and they charge a user a little bit of money to access these resources.

Membership sites generally charge their members between $10 – $100/member/month.

10 – Amazon Seller

Credit: Google

This is perhaps the most diverse job on the list because an Amazon seller can sell anything under the sun. You go on Amazon and buy stuff and you never even think of where it’s coming from because you’re buying it from Amazon and you trust it. To become an Amazon seller you first need to research what product you might sell, there are a lot of tools you can use to figure out what products you’re selling, and what products are competitive, and expensive. Amazon takes care of shipping all products to the customers.

So you can start by buying a small unit of quantity of products on Amazon and resell it depending on what confidence you have in investing in the product.

Amazon sellers can earn between $1500 – $50000 depending on the number of products that you sell.