How To Create MTN MoMocard (Virtual Master Card)

MTN MasterCard
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This article is going to guide you on how to create MTN MoMo Card (Virtual MasterCard) using their *165*70# USSD shortcode.

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A few days back I wanted to buy a web hosting for one of my websites, without money on the VISA card or any bank accounts of mine I was left stuck. This was until I remembered of the MTN MoMo Card.

The MTN MoMo Card allows you to create MasterCard credentials valid for a month on your phone and use them to buy stuff across the internet using your MTN mobile money.

How the card works is, after creating the MoMo card details with MTN mobile money, you can use them as if you have a MasterCard with you.

Step by Step Guide to Create an MTN MoMo Card using Mobile Money

It’s actually simple and pretty easy using this service to buy stuff or services online.

To create the MTN MoMo Card with your mobile money account follow these steps.

1. Simply dial *165*70# on your phone as shown in the screenshot below.

Dial *165*70# to create MTN MoMo card

2. Select option 1 ” Create MTN MoMocard” to create the MTN MOMO Card

Create MTN MasterCard or MoMoCard

3. Enter your MTN mobile money pin. For every MTN MoMo Card generated, MTN charges you UGX 1000 and the card is valid for a month, that’s from the time you generated it.

Pay 1000 for MTN MoMo Card

After those simple steps, your card is generated and you’ll receive a notification with the MasterCard credentials to use on the screen.

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Keep the MasterCard credentials secret. Anyone with those credentials can use your mobile money to purchase anything online that’s if you have cash on your mobile money account.

Also, note that the money used with the MTN MoMo Card is got from your mobile money account. So if you need to pay for something you may need to first deposit on your MTN mobile money account.