How To Buy From Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, And eBay In Uganda

shopping from amazon. eBay and Alibaba in Uganda
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There exist thousands of online selling websites in the World, including Uganda which has harbored this increasing e-commerce business. It is not rare to need a product which is either new on the market or not available within your country. With all the available e-commerce options, the giants over the year have proved to be Amazon, EBay and Alibaba (a not very old entrant). These have got a variety of products and they sell products under the models of Business to Business, Business to Consumer and Consumer to Consumer.

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The question of How to Buy from Amazon, Alibaba and EBay has over the years been answered with, “wait for a relative who you can send the money while there” or “after you purchase you input the relative’s address while there and inform them earlier so that they expect a delivery within the prescribed days.”

The next big question you may ask is “Does Amazon deliver to Uganda?” Let’s find out!

Does Amazon, Alibaba and EBay Ship to Uganda.

The question of whether these giants ship to Uganda is one that may get us locked up into the conversation of security and high shipping expenses. The bitter truth is that Amazon, EBay and Alibaba do not ship directly to Uganda BUT through agents.

Buy from Amazon, Alibaba and EBay in Uganda

Don’t be discouraged though, you can buy from Amazon, Alibaba and EBay in Uganda, at the comfort of your phone in Kiseka market or while hanging out at Kikoni somewhere in your rental.

Without a doubt, the expenses can turn out to be a bit shocking BUT if the product is worth it then you can continue with your purchase. Obviously the part everyone is eager for when it comes to purchasing products from the USA, China or UK is when the product is right in the grip of your hands – and survived through all the customs, and this is why we have a section down below talking about the agents you might entrust with your product and pay them for all the hard work.

What you need to buy from Amazon, Alibaba and EBay in Uganda

You need a Visa debit/credit card. It is quite easy to get a Visa debit/credit card in Uganda from any bank of your choice, so that’s none of your worries.

Other payment options include MasterCard, PayPal, Western union – these differ from one platform to the other, so it is safe to check on the acceptable payment options for all the three platforms so that you are well vast.

Before making any purchase, you should put into account the exchange rate if you do not have a dollar account such that the cost doesn’t seem alien to you. Both Amazon and EBay take dollars, so it is just better to know beforehand the actual dollar value you are to spend on the initial purchasing cost.

A List of agents/companies that will help you ship to Uganda

With these agents and companies, you can shop anything you need and ship it with them to Uganda. Each company has their terms and policies which center around paying and product quantity limitation, BUT the shipping costs can turn out to be hectic for most of the part.

This blog is not an endorsement for any of the companies listed below, BUT rather to inform you of their existence and services they offer.

Before using any of these agents, be sure to ask a friend or check out online reviews of their clientele to be sure about the actual delivery time and also product authenticity.

Some sellers on AliExpress or any other of these online platforms have been deemed untrustworthy and unethical. Before making a purchase, check out the product reviews (keep in mind, there exist false reviews), and take a step to ask as much as 5 people in the reviews for their honest feedback if you are intending to make a big purchase. If this fails, start with a small purchase and see if the standards will conform to those you expected – your buying from China, so it’s better you keep your two eyes wide open.

On the other hand, Amazon turns out to be the best at the service which hypothetically translates to “I can trust that what I ordered for is what I am getting”

In no chronological order, we start with:

1. MyUS

My US is an international shipping company, that has Uganda in its destination shipping countries and 220 more countries. They can not only shop for you on Amazon and EBay BUT other e-commerce websites like Ralph Lauren, Forever 21, Shop Disney, Carter’s, Walmart, RockAuto, 6pm and thousands more.

To start your shopping spree, feel free to click on the SIGN UP button on their website and get shipping.

Follow these STEPS to start.

MyUS has also launched its app for both iPhone users and Android users, so feel free to download it for a better user experience.

2. Salabed

Salabed handles your cargo from ONLY the United Kingdom (UK), another solution for Ugandans to ship their products.

All you need to do is:

  • Browse your favorite store
  • Fill in their Online Purchase Request
  • They deal with the rest

They deliver within 10 working days.

They also export for those of interested in sending items out of Uganda.

Follow them on

You can call them at: +256 (0) 393 270 643 or VISIT their website for more information or Facebook page.

3. Intralineonline

IntralineOnline is not limited to only Uganda BUT EastAfrica as a whole.

Here is how you can ship with IntralineOnline:

  • Spot the items you want
  • Copy and paste the links to them on their website (plus any additional info like weight) and SEND
  • Receive a quote from them with the Total cost
  • Let them do the hard work and get you your product which you will find at their offices

Follow this link to their website for How to shop with IntralineOnline.

The condition is that you should make a 100% deposit to book your products. You can pay them via PAYPAL/MPesa/MTN Mobile Money.

4. UG Unlocked

With UG Unlocked, you can Buy from U.S.A Receive In Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Kenya and Tanzania

You can pay in any desired currency within all the above stipulated countries’ currencies, as well as dollars.

At every stage of transfer, your product is trackable and you are kept in the communication loop of how far and when you should expect the product.

5. IntershipUG

With IntershipUG, you can Shop at millions of online shopping sites in the UK, Dubai and China and have your packages delivered to Uganda.

IntershipUG has EXPRESS SHIPPING through which they partner with premium global couriers DHL, FedEx, USPS and UPS for priority delivery in 10-14 working days.

  • All customs documentation are completed for you.
  • All merchandise is insured unless you prefer otherwise.
  • They offer you a full range of packing options!

6. FlyCrates

Flycrates to Uganda helps ship your products that you want to purchase on Amazon prime to Uganda.

  • Paste the link
  • Fill your cart
  • And they shall do the hard work for you

Visit their WEBSITE for more information.

7. Nile Cargo

Visit their WEBSITE for more information.

8. Masikini

Masikini is an e-commerce platform based in Uganda with retailers from the UK and USA, their services are convenient and you can also use them as your link to purchase and ship products.

Alibaba list of Uganda agents

Follow this link to check out a number of agents who can ship from Alibaba and AliExpress to Uganda. Ensure that they are authentic dealers before involving in business with them

Here is the link, do scroll through to see whether your answer of shipping from China to Uganda is answered.


These are not the only shipping companies we have in Uganda, so if you know one, kindly share with us in the comment section below alongside your experiences with those we have listed above.