How to make money blogging in Uganda (for beginners )

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So you what to start blogging and make money online in Uganda while sleeping.

I won’t sugar coat you that blogging is the easiest way to make money online in Uganda but I can at least assure you that blogging money is real.

I can’t remember the exact day I started blogging but at least I remember the year when I was initiated into blogging. I opened my first blog way back in 2015 and I have at least learned from several mistakes beginners experience while starting out as bloggers.

So in today’s article am going to share my experience of becoming a successful & professional blogger in your niche.

Starting up as a blogger is not easy in Uganda since we have fewer resources talking about how to get started as a blogger in Uganda.

In fact, this is true about the blogging sphere of Uganda, only 7% of beginners make it past the first year of blogging. It’s easier to give up on blogging if you aren’t that patient.

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  • Introduction
  • what is blogging and how do i get started in Uganda ?
  • What are some of the requirements you need to get started as a blogger in Uganda ?
  • How do i choose a favorable niche for my blog?
  • What you should consider while choosing a niche of your choice ?
  • Choosing a blogging platform .
    What’s the difference between wordpress & blogger ? (pros & cons of each platform )
    How to create a free wordpress blog .
    Starting up a blog on wordpress paid platform .
    How to make money blogging .
    Google adsense .
    Alternatives for making money while blogging .
  • Conclusion


So what is blogging and how do i get started in Uganda ?

Blogging has undergone evolution today with over 333 million estimated blogs all over the world, it’s comfortable to say that the blogging industry has been over-saturated across the world.

However, the blogging sphere is still young and underrepresented in Uganda.

So what is a blog ?

A blog is a form of website where people/ companies share their opinions on a particular product or topic of interest & a blogger is someone who writes, updates such sites with fresh and Quality content.

What are some of the requirements you need to get started as a blogger in Uganda ?

Getting started as a blogger looks expensive which is not the case. In fact, starting a blog is the cheapest business you can ever start in Uganda with a minimum amount you are set to go.

So what are some of these requirements of starting a blog?

These are some of the requirements I used to get started as a blogger;

  1. A laptop or computer connected to an internet
  2. If you don’t have a laptop, a good smartphone is necessary
  3. Basics of using a computer (things like opening and closing a file/folder on PC ) and browsing the internet .
  4. You’re ready to get started .

So what’s next?

Before you get started you need to identify what niche you are passionate about and would love to write about on your blog.  A niche is simply a topic or product of interest.

I love sharing and writing about technology. So my niche is technology.

How do i choose a favorable niche for my blog?

There is a number of niches that you might be interested in writing about on your blog. I have decided to list some of them below ;

  1. Technology
  2. Fashion
  3. Life style
  4. Travel
  5. Food
  6. Nutrition
  7. Entertainment ( like gossip , music , movies etc )
  8. Education
  9. Creative writing
  10. And many others

What you should consider while choosing a niche of your choice ?

I think before you make any mistake you have to consider this step crucial since many bloggers who fail neglect this . When selecting a niche you ought to ask yourself the following questions ;

  1. Are you passionate about the niche you are writing about ?
  2. Are you going to add value to your audience ?
  3. Do you love what you’re writing about ?

If your answer is yes to the above questions then you’re set to go to the next step.

Choosing a blogging platform .

So this is another step many beginners starting blogs are confused about. There are several microblogging software to start up your blog. Some of the popular ones include the following;

  1. WordPress
  2. Tumblr
  3. Blogger

Personally, I started my first blog on WordPress since it was quick to learn & easy to use.

What’s the difference between wordpress & blogger ? (pros & cons of each platform )



  1. WordPress is easy to use.
  2. It’s easy to learn.
  3. It provides free .wordpress domain & hosting (e.g
  4. It has varsity community contributing towards it .


  1. WordPress paid requires you to pay for hosting which is slightly costly.

Blogger (google platform)


  1. Bloggers has a varsity community contributing towards its success.
  2. It’s completely free to use.


  1. It’s not that easy to learn & use as compared to wordpress .
  2. Your blog can be deleted by google incase you violate their terms of conduct.

So you have at least seen the pros and cons of these platforms, However, personally, I would recommend you start with WordPress.

So what is wordpress in detail ?

WordPress is a microblogging platform that allows you to create and publish your blog online. WordPress has both a free and paid version (that’s & respectively ) vs ( free platform vs paid )

I started out my first blog on and later shifted to allows you to create a blog with a domain URL like (it’s a subdomain ) unlike that allows you to have a customized URL (like

How to create a free wordpress blog .

Creating a free WordPress blog can take you 5 minutes of your time to accomplish. So below am going to show you a step-by-step guide on how to create a free WordPress blog.

Step one :

Visit the URL in your web browser & select get started.

Step Two:

Create a site by filling in the details required as shown below.

Step Three:

Give the site a name e.g mydomain1234567 and you select free.

Step Four:

Select a free plan and continue.

Step Five :

Create an account and finish by filling in the details.

Watch this video below to create a free WordPress blog.

Congratulations you have created your first blog. However, note that WordPress doesn’t allow you to advertise or commercialize your free WordPress blog. So you can’t make any money from the free version of WordPress.

Don’t be scared!

WordPress paid version isn’t very expensive, in fact, you should follow my guided steps below on how to create a customized blog with WordPress if you are running on a limited budget.

I have started over 30 blogs on WordPress paid platform simply because I learned this trick earlier.

Starting up a blog on wordpress paid platform .

In total, you’ll need roughly 30$ maximum to get started.

Step one:

Buy a domain & Hosting on Hostgator, Bluehost, GoDaddy, or Namecheap using your Visa bank credit card. Equity and many other banks in Uganda have these visa accounts. Use the links below if you want to get a discount on your purchase.

Sign up for Bluehost

Sign up for ResellerClub

I have used all those sites to host some of my sites.

Step two :

After purchase,

You’ll receive an email with your login details. Open your Cpanel account .( Note it can take up to 72 hours for your domain to propagate )

Step three :

Install WordPress on your blog using a spectacular installer in just two steps. Watch the video below.

Congratulations you can now access the WordPress admin section using It’s time you begin publishing content for your audience . check the video below on how WordPress dashboard looks like and how it works.

How to make money blogging .

There are several ways of making money on your blog. Though am going to share with you a few platforms I have tried myself and made millions with.

Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is the world’s largest ad network that allows you to display adverts from the world’s largest companies on your blog and get paid for every click.

How to register for google adsense in uganda.

Registering for Google Adsense in Uganda is completely free. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create an Adsense account in Uganda.

Step one :

Visit this URL in your web browser and select sign up.

Step Two :

Fill in the details save & continue ( Note: free domains like aren’t accepted.

Step Three :

You’ll be prompted to Login into your Gmail account as shown below.

Step four :

Finish creating an account by filling in the details required in this step.

Step five :

Fill in your details correctly in this step. ( Note: the address you use must be correct and you have access to it since a confirmation mail is sent by ship from google to your location physically )

Step six :

Copy and paste the code in the header of your WordPress blog & save. ( You can use insert headers and footers plugin )

Step seven :

Congratulations. So now you have to wait for three working days for you’re account to be approved.

Important things you need to know about Google Adsense.

  • Google adsense is completely free to join .
  • You need a gmail account to register .
  • You can’t have more than one adsense account .
  • Verification pin is sent via mail upon reaching 10$
  • Minimum payout Threshold is 100$
  • Payment methods include western union , checks , direct to bank .
  • Google adsense is the most popular paying ad network in the world with over a million publishers .

Alternatives for making money while blogging .

So you need to make some extra cash!

I have used these other platforms to make money while blogging and they have worked well for me.


MGID is another great alternative for making money online while blogging. Below are some screenshots of how it works.

MGID is a native ad network that provides high-quality paying ad units like those shown below.

Below is proof of evidence from my account showing that indeed you can make money from your blog using this platform.

If you need to make real money with mgid signup today using my link below to get a bonus while making money on your blog.

Sign Up for MGID program

Important things to note about MGID

  • MGID is the best alternative to for google adsense .
  • Approval is within three working days .
  • You can appeal approval via email .
  • Minimum payout threshold is $100
  • Payout methods include paypal, payoneer mastercard , direct to bank account .

Content Ad .

Besides Mgid, a content Ad is another legitimate site to make money from your blog. I have personally used it for over a year and i would recommend you to try it out. Below is proof that this site is legitimate.

This how content-ad adverts look like

Important tips to know about content ad :

  • It’s free to join
  • Minimum payout threshold is $50
  • Payout Methods include direct to bank transfer , checks and paypal


Bidvertiser was my first monetization platform that works well for blogs since it has no approval process.

You can start making money from your blog immediately after you register. Use this link to sign up today and make money from your blog instantly.

Sign Up with Bidvertiser.

Important points to note about Bidvertiser :

  • Minimum payout threshold is $10
  • Payout Methods include paypal , payzer , bitcoin and many others

Infolinks :

Infolinks is another ad network that I have used and can make you money on your blog easily. The beauty about Infolinks, the approval process is faster than google Adsense.

Also, Infolinks displays quality ads that blend well in any type of blog just like google Adsense .

Do you need to try it out today? Sign up via my link below and get approved easily.

Sign Up for Infolinks now


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