List of the Cheapest online shopping websites in Nigeria

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Look no further, today we unveil the ultimate list of the cheapest and best online shopping websites in Nigeria.

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Online shopping is becoming the most popular way to buy groceries, household appliances, mobile devices, gadgets, and other items. This trend and competition continued to grow as new online shopping websites sprung up on a daily basis.

People no longer monitor foreign internet shopping sites to buy items. It’s made worse when some of these online shops refuse to ship to Nigeria. Online purchasing sites such as eBay, AliExpress, and Amazon have become popular among Nigerians.

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However, Nigerians today have a variety of choices for purchasing or shopping for anything online locally. There is no need to wait weeks for your goods to arrive in Nigeria. You also do not have to pay for shipping or customs clearance.

I can relate when you say, “I have never purchased anything online.” Nigerians who began their lives visiting markets and malls frequently experience this. Especially common among people who don’t feel comfortable submitting their credit card information online due to the prevalence of internet scams in Nigeria.

You will find a list of the best online shopping websites in Nigeria in this post. Not only the best but also those that provide the most affordable online purchasing options for their customers. The best and most affordable online stores in Nigeria are listed below.


Summary Table: List of Affordable online shopping Websites in Nigeria


List of the Best and Cheapest Online Shopping websites in Nigeria

1. Jumia Nigeria

One of the most popular online stores in Nigeria is Jumia. It’s actually the best online retailer for me in Nigeria, which is why it’s at the top of my list. Jumia is the best option if you’re seeking affordable internet shopping in Nigeria.

You can shop on the go for everything from electronics to books to home appliances to children’s toys to clothing for men, women, and children. You can also buy amazing gadgets, computers, food, auto parts, and more. The go-to store for affordable goods is Jumia. I like this website because of its payment-on-delivery option much more than its speedy delivery.

2. Konga

My second pick for internet shopping in Nigeria is Konga. To establish one of Africa’s largest e-commerce platforms, Konga and Yudala, two prominent Nigerian online malls, merged.

Before being purchased, Konga was one of Nigeria’s biggest online malls, and Yudala, a forerunner in composite e-commerce, was a powerful offline and online retailer. Everything you can think of is available on Konga, including high-end brands’ gadgets, mobile phones, computers, clothes, cosmetic items, home goods, kitchenware, and a whole lot more.

As with Jumia, Konga offers flexible payment options, minimal shipping costs, and discounted prices when you shop there. When you shop on Konga, you have three different payment options: debit card, pay on delivery, and KongaPay.


SLOT began as an offline store before opening an online store to allow customers to order products online in Nigeria. The company offer a variety of products, including computers, mobile phones, gadgets, and more.

It was founded in 1998, the same year that it began importing computer accessories. Personal computers (PCs) became practically standard in every home and workplace in the late 1990s thanks in large part to Slot Systems. They transitioned to mobile communications in 2001, and ever since then, they have maintained a high standard.

4. 3C Hub

Similar to SLOT NG, 3C Hub was one of Nigeria’s largest offline retailers prior to the launch of its online store. Online, they also sell inexpensive and accessible technological gadgets.

5. Webmall NG

After launching in 2013, WebMall rose to prominence as one of Nigeria’s top e-commerce platforms in a remarkably short period of time. A wide selection of high-quality items and first-rate delivery services are available to you. A broad variety of things are available from them, including laptops, mobile phones, toys, speakers, footwear, hair products, chargers, culinary items, wrist watches, printers, and more.

The Webmall online store allows customers to pay quickly and easily by choosing between pay-on-delivery and bank transfer. Additionally, merchants have the option to pay in installments.

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6. Kara

The Kara internet store was created exclusively for purchasing computers and phones. One of the most popular online retailers in Nigeria, is frequented by hundreds of customers every day and provides a wide range of goods at competitive prices, spanning from electrical and power supplies to mobile phones.

Similar to every other retailer mentioned above, also provides a variety of payment methods, including online credit/debit card payments, bank transfers, and the cash-on-delivery option.

7. SuperMart

One of Nigeria’s largest online supermarkets is called Supermart. Without leaving the convenience of your home or office, they provide you with a handy platform for online shopping. With more than 60,000 products in their online supermarket, they offer the most comprehensive assortment of groceries online. They guarantee 3-hour delivery across Lagos.

You can get items like baby supplies, cooking oil and sauces, fresh food, cleaning supplies, books, frozen food, toiletries, alcohol, medicines, household items, beauty & toiletries, Nigerian ingredients, snacks, dairy & eggs, fish, meat, drinks, and food items, among other things.

8. Kilimall

In November 2016, Kilimall launched its website and mobile app in Nigeria with the goal of becoming the leading e-commerce platform in Africa. Kilimall is available outside of Nigeria in Kenya and Uganda as well.

Products from a wide range of categories are available on Kilimall, including phones, computers, clothes, shoes, household appliances, fashion items, and much more. Additionally, it guarantees the safest way of payment for online purchases, enabling you to process payments without worry.

9. Jamarahome

Online merchants like allow customers in Nigeria to purchase electronics. They have some of the most affordable premium electronics and accessories available. They have a variety of products including electronics, home appliances, and gadgets, makes it simple to order the items you want, and you can trust that whatever you purchase from them is of the best quality.

10. Jiji

All of the above-mentioned online shopping platforms are quite different from Jiji.

They are more than simply an internet retailer. Their platform is best if you’re looking to buy cheap used products. This is the ideal location for vendors to meet buyers or vice versa. On Jiji, a range of products is available, including houses, appliances, toys, computers, mobile phones, etc.

In fact, it’s the perfect site for people looking to sell their used or obsolete gadgets. After the product’s condition has been verified to be as specified in the store, payment is exchanged between the buyers and sellers.


Having an online store is now the norm for most businesses as more people turn to the internet to shop for their daily needs without leaving the comfort of their homes. If you have not tried any of the above-listed sites, I will advise you to check them out and see if anyone of them meet your need.