Best Online Stores to Buy Electronics and Gadgets in Nigeria

Best Online Stores in Nigeria -
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If you are looking for a trustworthy place to buy electronics in Nigeria, this post will break down the Best Online Stores in Nigeria to buy electronics and gadgets.

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These websites make it possible for an individual to purchase various devices such as televisions, home theater systems, and other items without leaving their house. This typically saves time and money while also increasing the likelihood of receiving high-quality items.

When you order electronics online, you may receive discounted bonuses on your orders. The best part is that these electronics will be delivered to your home. These websites are quite common in Nigeria, and while some are unknown to the general public, they all provide the same services. You can buy whatever goods you need at an affordable price from any of these websites.

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List of the Best Online Shopping Sites and Stores in Nigeria for Electronics


When it comes to buying electronics online in Nigeria, instead of going to a nearby store, you might want to take a break and just visit Jumia. This is one of the best online stores in Nigeria to purchase the electronics you want. On Jumia, you can buy whatever type of appliances you desire, including washing machines, air conditioners, clippers, and a variety of other items. They also provide free shipping when you buy in volume.

Jumia has a variety of prices for the various devices you wish to buy, as well as a variety of sellers. If you’re afraid of buying things online, you can also use their Pay-on-delivery (POD) payment method. Jumia is a good online store to buy electronics and it’s one of the best in Nigeria.


Konga, like Jumia, is a very nice website where you can shop for electronics. They offer a variety of appliances that you can order from them. If you want to buy a deep freezer, inverter, or generator, you’ll always find them on Konga. The platform always offers these items at a lower price than other local shops.

Konga is a reliable shopping website in Nigeria, and you can always rely on them to deliver high-quality items to your home. You may also shop for non-electrical things on Konga, where you can get great deals.


Jiji is a popular website in Nigeria. While it is not a shopping website like Jumia and Konga, it is still a website where things are sold through advertisements. If you’re looking for a place where you can buy different electronics, all you need to do is visit Jiji and you’ll get what you want without any hassle. The website sells both new and old gadgets at low prices. It’s an excellent site for selling secondhand or old electronics online.

While you cannot order them, you may contact the vendor to discuss how he/she will bring the electronics to your home and how you will pay. Jiji is good for finding new or used things, which is why it’s one of the top websites in Nigeria to shop electronics online.


Deluxe is another site that I discovered online. I’m impressed with the high-quality items that this website provides to Nigerians. They specialize in nearly all types of electrical equipment. If you want to buy Inverters of various capacities and sizes, go to Deluxe and make your choice. They also sell computer accessories. This is why it’s featured on this list of best online stores in Nigeria.

Deluxe may not be as well-known as Jumia or Jiji, but if you want high-quality goods, you should consider purchasing from this site. Deluxe is one of the top online stores to buy Electronics in Nigeria since they deliver directly to your door and give fantastic promotions and discounts.


Assume you’ve recently moved into a new house or office space and want to get your hands on a different set of electronics; you want something out of the box and of the best quality. If you’re looking for different items to put up in your house or business, is an excellent website to visit. They sell a wide range of goods, including televisions, freezers, generators, and even kitchen appliances such as microwaves and gas stoves.

You can buy the best electronics without worry on They have a decent delivery rate, quick customer support, and their items have a long guarantee duration. It’s a fantastic website for online gadgets shopping in Nigeria.

Mega Plaza

Mega Plaza is another website on this list, and if you haven’t heard of it, I’ll say now’s your chance to learn about it. It is a good site to buy appliances online in Nigeria. The website sells a variety of goods, including projectors, televisions, industrial standing fans, and much more.

You can always go to this website and get any devices you want and have them delivered to you. This is surely a great website and one of the top websites in Nigeria to buy electronics online.


Jamarahome is an online shopping site in Nigeria where you can buy electronics online. They provide high-quality goods and electronics at some of the most competitive rates you’ll ever find. Jamarahome, an online shopping website for electronics, gadgets, and office & home appliances. The platform makes it simple to order your preferred appliances, and you can be confident that you’re purchasing only high-quality products from them. 

Reliable Foreign Online Shopping Store to Buy Gadgets in Nigeria

If you want to take your electronics shopping experience outside of Nigeria, there are many foreign websites you can use. Here, we’ve opted to include just a few popular ones that deliver to Nigeria.


AliExpress is a popular Chinese online marketplace and one of the world’s cheapest online shopping sites. You can order inexpensive and high-quality electronics from AliExpress and have them delivered to your home in Nigeria.

AliExpress is a reputable company and one of the best online electronics stores in Nigeria.


Amazon is another big online shopping site that ships to Nigeria. You can order exotic electronics and have them delivered to your home in Nigeria. This website offers a wide range of electronics, including both home and workplace products. TVs, gadgets, and every other type of electrical device you can think of.

When you place several orders on Amazon, you can receive top-notch prices. They provide a lot of discounts, and you can also buy more and save more with Amazon. This is one of the best online stores to buy electronics in Nigeria.


Banggood is a trusted Chinese e-commerce website that is perhaps one of the world’s largest electronics sellers. On Banggood, you’ll find high-quality goods and electronics that are also reasonably priced.

Banggood accepts orders from Nigeria and ships and delivers them to you. Banggood is a trustworthy online store to purchase electronics. It is one of the most visited online stores to buy electronics in Nigeria.

Conclusion: Best online stores in Nigeria

When it comes to buying electronics online in Nigeria, these are the top websites you can get quality electronics at reasonable costs. We hope this list of online stores in Nigeria has helped you decide what to go with. Share with us your experience below.