Best E-commerce Websites with Free Shipping to Nigeria (2024)

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Well, I just got a couple of online shopping websites that offer free shipping to Nigeria. However, keep in mind that the free shipping option only works when you make orders above a certain amount. If you’re ordering from a multi-vendor shopping website, keep in mind that some sellers offer free shipping while others do not.

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When buying online, the shipping fee can often act as a barrier between the buyer and the vendor who is selling on a shopping site. I’m often turned off from placing an order if the delivery charge is nearly equal to or more than the item I’m purchasing.

So, I got into the habit of placing large enough orders to qualify for free delivery. Assume you want to buy anything from AliExpress. You might want to think about shipping fees beforehand. Once you realize how expensive the fee is, you might be turned off and won’t buy again.


1. Amazon

E-commerce Websites with Free Shipping to Nigeria - - 1

When it comes to ordering on a large scale and having it delivered to a specific location, Amazon is one of the online shopping websites that provide free delivery. They do this practically all of the time, and only to clients who are eligible for free shipping.

As a US resident, you can obtain free delivery on orders over $25. For international shipping, you must fulfill Amazon’s International Free Shipping standards before you can get free shipping on your orders.

2. eBay

E-commerce Websites with Free Shipping to Nigeria - - 2

eBay is another online shopping company that occasionally provides free delivery to foreign addresses and sometimes does not due to fees and taxes that the seller must pay. If you live in the United States, you can enjoy free delivery to your location. If you live outside of the US, you can also get free shipping.

However, the free delivery option is not always available. Still, eBay remains one of the best online shopping websites with free delivery. You can always rely on eBay to deliver.

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3. AliExpress

E-commerce Websites with Free Shipping to Nigeria - - 3

AliExpress is a Chinese online shopping site owned by the Alibaba Group. It was founded in 2010 and is comprised of small firms in China and other countries, such as Singapore, that sell to worldwide online shoppers.

Shopping on the AliExpress website or mobile app is simple and uncomplicated. On the site, you can order a wide range of items such as home appliances, clothes, shoes, interior decorations, and many more. You can select free or paid delivery and one of the shipping firms available to ship your merchandise. (depending on how soon you want your order to arrive)

4. Deep Discount

Deep Discount is one of the best online shopping websites with a lot of shipping discounts. Because of what they sell, this website is a little different from some of the shopping websites you’re familiar with online. You’ll largely be purchasing gaming discs, movies, and other types of entertainment items.

Shopping on orders over $25 entitles you to free delivery. However, for international delivery, purchases must be in the $50 range. Nonetheless, Deep Discount is one of the finest free-shipping online shopping websites.

5. The Hut

The Hut is another online shopping site where you can purchase items and have them delivered to your home for free. This website isn’t as large as others like Amazon, but their shipping is among the best. The Hut provides free delivery on orders over £20 and also on orders over £120.

The Hut is one of the top online shopping websites that offer both worldwide and local free shipping. They sell some of the top household appliances, kitchen and dining equipment, and sporting goods.

6. DHgate

DHgate is more like AliExpress 2.0. This website is exceptional in terms of a large number of products and merchants, and its shipping and delivery rates are unparalleled. Free shipping from DHgate is only available if you buy enough products from one or two vendors.

DHgate offers free shipping and has a high delivery rate, making it one of the best free shipping online shopping websites. This website has a lot of products for sale.

7. YesAsia

YesAsia is a website where you can buy Korean, Japanese, and Chinese movies and have them delivered to your home. If you enjoy watching Korean dramas online and wish to order more, you can do so at this website. You will also receive free international shipping.

YesAsia ships to every country and does so for free. YesAsia is one of the best free shipping online shopping websites in Nigeria. 


ASOS is an online clothing store where you can buy both male and female items and have them delivered to your home. Free shipping to Nigeria is available on this website, but only if you buy more than $30. It’s a good website for shopping for clothes.

ASOS is one of the best online shopping websites where you can shop with confidence that it will be delivered to your door. If you need excellent clothes, you can also visit them and place orders as you like.


These are the best free shipping websites in Nigeria for getting free delivery while shopping online. There are more out there, and I’ll add them up later once I’ve read about them. So, if you want to order with free delivery, these are the websites for you.