Explained: How UMEME Yaka Works

How UMEME Yaka Works - UgTechMag.Com
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Umeme Yaka replaced the old postpaid umeme billing system where a user paid for only the electricity they had used for a specific period of time. The postpaid billing system seemed expensive & rather inefficient for umeme hence introducing Umeme Yaka. How does umeme yaka work? Yaka! is prepaid electricity, allowing you to conveniently manage and control your usage. It works much like buying airtime for your mobile phone, when the units are used up, you buy more to continue using the service. With Umeme Yaka, Umeme extends yaka meters to all their customers.

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Upon installation, UMEME gives every customer 10 preloaded units. The units aren’t free, they are recovered as you pay for the new connection fees. The amount will vary based on the prevailing Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) approved quarterly tariff.


How to get a yaka meter if you don’t have one?

To get a yaka meter in your household in Uganda

  • Visit an Umeme Service Centre/District Office
  • Fill in an application form and pay inspection fees
  • Umeme will inspect your premises within 2 working days
  • Your meter will be installed within 5 working days after payment

Yaka Bills And Tarrifs

Based on the latest UMEME power tariff structure (Jan 2022);

  • First 15 units that you consume UGX 250 per unit.
  • Units between 16-80 kWh – 747.5 per unit
  • Units between 81-150 kWh – 412.0 per unit
  • Units above 150 kWh – 747.5
  • A monthly service fee of UGX 3,360
  • Umeme then charges 18% on VAT.
Yaka Bills And Tarrifs - UgTechMag.Com

Breakdown of yaka purchases made within a month

How to Buy Yaka Tokens

Buying Yaka tokens is simple and easy. The most convenient way is to use Airtel Money or MTN mobile money. However, if you do not have money on your mobile money account, then you can use pay way or banks.

When you buy yaka, you will get a 20 digits token code via text. Use the above token code to load yaka units on your yaka meter. Read this article on how to load yaka tokens on your yaka meter.

How to Check for Yaka Meter

The yaka meter is simple to read, just by looking through the LCD yaka meter screen, you can check your yaka meter balance. You can also use these yaka meter shortcodes to check your yaka meter number and do many other tasks.