How to Pay school fees using Mobile Money (MTN or Airtel)

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Mobile Money has made lives much better for most of us Ugandans . With Mobile Money, you can now pay for your kids school fees in just minutes . No more worries that banks will be closed on a Sunday or perhaps their was a long queue at the teller . This article seeks to help you on how to pay school fees using MTN or Airtel mobile money .We have also included short codes on how to perform the school fees payment via mobile money and all the frequently asked questions .

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How to pay School Fees Using MTN Mobile Uganda

How to pay school fees using mobile money

Follow the procedures below if you want to pay school fees using MTN Mobile Money Uganda .

Step 1 : Open your phone app and dial *165#

Step 2 : Select Payments

Step 3 : Select School fees
Step 4 : Select Pay School fees
Step 5 :  Enter School Code
Step 6 : Confirm Student details & Enter the amount you are paying
Step 10: Enter MM PIN and send
Step 11:  You will receive a confirmation message shortly

Note : To make school fees payment , you must be a registered customer with sufficient funds on mobile money account

Some of those steps above may slightly be different , so just follow as required .

How to pay School Fees using Airtel Mobile money Uganda .

How to pay for school fess

Follow the procedures below to pay school fees using Airtel Mobile Money in Uganda .

Step 1 : Go to your phone and dial *165#

Step 2 : Select School Fees

Step 3 : Under School Fees > Select School Pay or any other option if you’re sure of it .

Step 4 : Select Pay Fees

Step 5 : Enter Student Number ( As provided by the school )

Step 6 : Enter Amount

Step 7 : Confirm Student Details and enter MM Pin number .

Step 8 : You’ll receive confirmation message shortly .

How to pay School fees using FlexiPay

Flexipay is another service that allows parents to pay for school fees online at their convenience  .

What does FlexiPay offer you ?

  • No more need to make long queues in banks
  • Verification of the school and student name before paying, giving you added security
  • Convenience while paying school fees in the comfort of your home using your computer or mobile phone
  • The school also receives immediate notification of payment
  • Receive immediate notification of payment

How does FlexiPay work ?

You can pay for school fees from any mobile money wallet, directly to a school. All you need to do is dial *290*1# using your mobile phone. You will then be able to access Flexipay. This option is open to all Mobile Money users and you don’t need to have an account with flexipay.

Follow the procedures below to pay school fees using Flexipay in Uganda .

Step 1 : Dial *165# and select payments

Step 2 : Select School fees > Flexipay

Step 3 : Insert your school code to verify the school you are paying to

Step 4 : Insert a student number to verify the student name

Step 5 : Insert the amount you need to be pay

Step 6 : Verify the payment using your mobile money PIN code

Step 7 : Your mobile money wallet account will be debited . The school will receive the school fee amount paid and confirmation will be sent to you confirming payment

How to pay school fees with School pay in Uganda

School pay is another school fees payment platform that was launched in 2016 to ease the process of paying school fees among parents and guardians . School pay started out with only one bank ( centenary bank ) and slowly gained popularity among other banks such as Stanbic bank, Post bank , Dfcu , Equity and Bank of Africa . School Pay has registered over 800,000 students and 1000 schools in a period of two years .

To pay school fees using School Pay , follow the steps in the sections above .

What are some of the benefits of paying school fees via mobile money in Uganda ?

  • No more need to make long queues in banks just to pay school fees .
  • It saves time and resources the bank uses in reconciling schools because every thing the school needs it’s in the schoolpay web portal.
  • Reduces teller mistakes among bankers .

Let me know of other platforms or applications that have helped you pay school fees in Uganda via Contact Us page .