Ubuntu Over Windows 10

Why Choose Ubuntu Over Windows 10

Ubuntu is an open source free Linux operating system tool available for everyone. It is shipped in free regular cycles say, every after six months a new version release is implemented...
GCC or GCC High

GCC or GCC High, Which is the best?

Government contractors know that managing classified data needs strong protection and data storage requirements. That is why two versions of the Microsoft Government Cloud platform dominate the conversation for the Defense Industrial Base...
Third -party cookies

What are Third-Party Cookies and How Can You Block Them?

Third-party cookies are cookies that are set by a website other than the one you are currently on. For example, you can have a "Like" button on your website which will...
DSTV Decoder Prices in Kenya

How to Pair New DSTV Remote with Decoder

This article shows you the steps you should follow to pair the new DSTV remote with a decoder. The method listed below works for both the Zapper HD decoder and the...
GOTV Kenya decoder price

Can a DSTV Remote Work on GOTV Decoder

Since both GOTV and DSTV are sister companies under the Multichoice Africa group, several people think they share products like remotes which is not true. One of the most popular questions...
The Impact of Secure Data Exchange on Global Supply Chain Management-ugtechmag.com

The Impact of Secure Data Exchange on Global Supply Chain Management

In the intricate web of global supply chain management, the secure exchange of data stands as a critical pillar supporting the seamless operation of supply chains worldwide. As businesses...
How Do Google’s 2-Step Verification Backup Codes Work

How Do Google’s 2-Step Verification Backup Codes Work

When it comes to safeguarding your online presence, Google’s 2-Step Verification (2SV) is a familiar shield. The concept involves an extra layer of protection beyond a mere username and password. An...
What is Wi-Fi Direct and how is it different from Bluetooth

What is Wi-Fi Direct and How is it Different from Bluetooth

Many people know about Wi-Fi, the common network for internet on devices. However, there's another powerful player called Wi-Fi Direct, less known but important. This article explains Wi-Fi Direct, talking about...

Revolutionizing the Pearl of Africa: How Digital Innovation is Shaping Uganda’s Future

In the heart of East Africa, Uganda, known as the Pearl of Africa, is undergoing a remarkable transformation. This transformation is powered by digital innovation, driving economic growth, enhancing...

Tapping into Uganda’s Digital Betting Playground

In recent years, Uganda has seen a notable surge in online sports betting. The allure of quick wins coupled with the passion for sports has many Ugandans flocking towards online betting...
Uses of a USB Port on Your Router-ugtechmag.com

6 Uses of a USB Port on Your Router

Check your Router, does it have a USB port? If it does, let me show you how you can use the USB port on your router. While most users are familiar with...
Exploring the Technology Driving Online Slot Games-ugtechmag.com

Exploring the Technology Driving Online Slot Games

Online slot games have been a revered online gambling option for the past few decades. Players from all across the world share a fascination and interest in online slot games. Whilst...
Client Orientation: Reliable Support Service in the Online Casino World-ugtechmag.com

Client Orientation: Reliable Support Service in the Online Casino World

In today's world of online entertainment, South Africa takes pride of place on the gaming map thanks to its combination of culture and online casino entertainment. ...
Is your Phone Getting Circle to Search-ugtechmag.com

Is your Phone Getting Circle to Search?

Early this week during Samsung's unpacked event, a brand new Galaxy s24 Ultra was launched alongside new options from Google on how users can search on their smartphones. The "Circle to...
What Is Hard Disk Cache and Why Is It Important-ugtechmag.com

What Is Hard Disk Cache and Why Is It Important

The hard disk drive plays an important role in storing and retrieving data for computer hardware. In order to enhance the hard disk functionality and boost overall performance, manufacturers incorporate a...
what is a smart card reader-ugtechmag.com

Smart Card Readers: What they do and How they Work?

Smart card readers are devices designed to interact with smart cards, which are credit card-sized plastic cards embedded with an integrated circuit chip. These readers facilitate communication between the card and...
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