Bitcoin, Stablecoin, Ethereum, Ripple: Which Cryptocurrency Has The Best Return Potential?

Differences Between Digital Currency, Cryptocurrency, and StableCoins

With the invention of digital currency, risen to life are a number of digital currencies. In this post, I will take you through the different digital currencies available and what digital...
VIDAA OS: A look at Hisense's Smart TV platform - Dignited

A look at Hisense Smart TV’s VIDAA OS Platform

So you have been using Hisense smart TV?—this is what you should know about your favorite smart TV. We shall be digging deep into the technical bit of this Hisense that...
What are P2P Exchanges? The Best P2P Crypto Exchanges to Consider

Explained: What is P2P Cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrency is now a business we cannot disown. A lot of people have gained wealth out of it while others still have lost a lot trying to gain profits. Today, new...
3D Secure - UgTechMag.Com

Explained: How Card Payments Secured With 3D Secure Work

If you own a debit card and you often use it for online shopping and payments, you definitely must sit in here and learn this. With the increasing fraudulent activities over...
Western Digital hard drive colors

What do the Western Digital hard drive colors mean?

WD, Also Known As Western Digital Corporation is an American computer hard disk drive manufacturer and data storage company. This giant storage manufacturer is located in San Jose, California, and is...
Banned WhatsApp Number

How to unban your WhatsApp number

WhatsApp has banned your WhatsApp number. What next? This WhatsApp how-to will guide you on how to unban your WhatsApp Number. We know it's not a pleasant experience but we shall...
phone is not ringing for incoming calls

Explained : What to do if a phone is not ringing for incoming calls?

If your phone is not ringing for incoming calls, there are a few things you could do to fix the problem. We know how frustrating it is to find a missed...

The technology of thermal optics: it’s interesting!

The choice of the type and model of weapons depends on the game and the method of hunting. For shooting from short distances, a mechanical sight is sufficient. A reflex sight...
TMWHATSAPP Is Delaying Sending OR Receiving Messages

If TM WhatsApp Is Delaying Sending OR Receiving Messages

If you are a TM WhatsApp user and your WhatsApp mod is delaying sending or receiving messages, try this:- 1:- Go to (TM Mods >> Privacy Settings >> Show Blue Ticks...
Learner's Driving Permit in Uganda

How to get a Learner’s Driving Permit in Uganda Online

Learner’s/Provisional Licence is a license given to a person who is learning to drive but has not yet satisfied the prerequisite to obtain a driver's license. The license expires in 3...
hide your online activity

Simple ways to hide your online activity

With the growing insecurities over the internet today, it is important always to hide your online activity whenever you can. However most of our activities today are over the internet, such...
Pegasus Spyware

Is your phone being spied on by Pegasus Spyware?

While technology is advancing, there also comes a question about security. With the number of spyware being invented, you may think gadgets are the least secure handheld devices to trust these...
forget your phone password

What to do when you forget your phone password android

Forgetting your phone password or Android pattern is one of the commonest issues with having maximum security to your phone. Who would use a simple pattern that is easy to guess?—almost...
phone space run out quickly

Why does my phone space run out quickly

If you have an Android phone with less than 128GB of storage, then your phone space must be running out quicker than expected. Having your phone space run out quickly really...
CBD Capsules

Can CBD Capsules Help You Through Your Milestone Moments

Before a milestone-making occasion like a wedding, a job promotion, graduation, or perhaps an event where you're a presenter, there can be a tendency towards nerves and fear because these are...
GCC or GCC High

GCC or GCC High, Which is the best?

Government contractors know that managing classified data needs strong protection and data storage requirements. That is why two versions of the Microsoft Government Cloud platform dominate the conversation for Defense Industrial Base (DIB)...