A Complete list of MTN Uganda Data Bundles And Prices 2020

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The internet era is here. It’s time for our old ways to measure up. Let us quickly plunge into the culture of devouring the data bundles that MTN Uganda has lain before our noses. When you smell them, you know you’re standing next to the right kitchen-the manufacturers of your favorite internet bundles.

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Cheap as the hair on our heads and submissive to our requests, MTN Uganda brings you the most affordable and reliable internet service in Uganda today. You can always access your favorite network as offered by MTN. It offers 2G, 3G, and 4G connectivity. Just for you, here is a list of the MTN data bundles and their prices;

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15 MB Daily (24 Hours) 250 *150*10#
40 MB 500
100 MB 1,000
300 MB 2,000
1 GB 5,000
500 MB Weekly (1 Week) 5,000 *150*11#
1.5 GB 10,000
5 GB 20,000
25 MB Monthly (1 Month) 1,500 *150*12#
300 MB 5,500
600 MB 10,000
2 GB 20,000
10 GB 50,000
30 GB 100,000
60 MB


1 Hour 500 *150*14#
Night Shift

1 GB

12 am – 6 am 2,000 *150*50#
Unlimited Internet Premium 1 Month 330,000 *150*55#
Unlimited Internet


1 Month 179,000



24 Hours 250 *150*6#


Social Bundle


1 Week 2,500
1 Month 5,000

All MTN SIM cards are enabled to use the internet. To access any of the following services, dial 1501#

  • Check your internet bundle balance
  • Buy a bundle for another number
  • Activate the per KB charging option in case your bundle has run out- select ‘use airtime account’.

To access the above services online, go to www.mtn.co.ug/selfcare.

You should know that MTN Uganda offers monthly bundles that are post-paid. Customers who hope to access internet bundles prior to making their payment, can activate any bundle using their prepaid airtime account or Mobile Money account. Each KB is priced at about UGX 0.03.

MTN also offers its customers an opportunity to share bundles. When one is sharing a bundle with another person, but they have another active data bundle, the Internet share bundle will be used first before the other internet bundles. When you happen to be a beneficiary of another person’s Internet bundle, you cannot be added as a beneficiary elsewhere, neither can you add another person to the account you are using. So, you can only be a beneficiary of one shared bundle at a time.

If you are interested in sharing a data bundle on Mtn, the code you dial is 15070#. More information can be accessed about the Internet share service there.

Below are the internet share bundles, their prices, and codes;


MTN Internet Share Bundles

2 GB 1 Month 20,000 *150*70#
10 GB 50,000
30 GB 100,000

MTN Uganda accords its customers promotions on data. Currently, it is running a promotion known as “Gaga with MTN”. This promotion is basically an offer of bundles that are valid for 24 hours right from the time of activation. This offer is available every Wednesday. An MTN customer can activate a maximum of two Gaga bundles every Wednesday. This offer is valid if accessed anytime on Wednesday between 12:00 am and 11:59 pm.

MTN Unlimited Internet Bundle

MTN provides very high-speed internet that is unlimited over a specified period of time to its customers who need it all the time and anywhere around Uganda. It can be accessible in areas that have 4G LTE and 3G network.

To get the unlimited internet pack, you can load airtime and dial any of the following;

  • Dial *150*55#, then press OK and follow the prompts
  • Dial *160#, then press OK and follow the prompts
  • You can also install the MyMTN app and use it to access an unlimited internet pack.

Alternatively, you can get the unlimited internet pack through your Mobile Money account by dialing the following;

  • Dial *165#, then press OK and select option 2 to buy bundles and follow the prompts
  • Dial *150*55#, then press OK and follow the prompts to select Mobile Money payment option
  • You can still use the MyMTN app to access the unlimited pack

If you are a business customer with MTN, you can use the MTN Business Bulk Activation service through contacting the MTN account managers for scheduled activations to multiple numbers.

You can even visit any of the MTN Service Centres for quick and cheap assistance.

If you happen to be caught up by time or work, and you cannot visit the MTN Service Centres, you could consider the option of calling MTN customer service on 100 (this is for customers using MTN). For customers on other networks, please call in on 0771001000.

MTN Unlimited Data Packages

Below are the prices of the MTN unlimited data bundles;



MTN Unlimited Internet PREMIUM All Day, All Night 330,000 30 Days
MTN Unlimited Internet BASIC All Day, All Night 179,000 30 Days

However, the monthly MTN Unlimited Internet services follow a policy which is such that;

  • The Unlimited Premium package at UGX 330,000 should not go beyond the usage of 3GB daily. If the customer follows this policy, there will be no restrictions on the data speed of the Unlimited Premium data package.
  • If the Unlimited Premium data package usage goes beyond 3GB daily, the data speed will be limited to up to 128kbps.
  • The Unlimited Basic package which is at UGX 179,000 should not go beyond any usage up to 1GB daily if the customer doesn’t want to have any restrictions on the data speed set by MTN.
  • If the usage goes beyond 1GB daily, the data speed will be limited to 128kbps.
  • This policy is reset daily by MTN Uganda at 6:00 am for 30 days.


MTN Uganda offers 2G (GPRS, EDGE), 3G+ HSDPA (7.2MBPS, 14.4MBPS, 21.6MBPS, and 42MBPS) and 4G (LTE) connectivity to keep you online at the best available speed, irrespective of your location in Uganda.