How to Gift Airtel Freaky Friday to Friends and Family

Gift Airtel Freaky Friday
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Airtel Freaky Friday is one of those other popular Airtel bundles that launch Airtel users into a long fun weekend with data to surf till Monday morning. This how-to article will guide you through the steps to gift Airtel Freaky Friday to your loved ones. There is no better way to make your friends and family happy other than gifting them a data bundle to surf throughout the weekend.

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Here’s how to Gift Airtel freaky Friday to another number, friends, family, or even loved ones:-

Method 1: Buy Freaky Friday Data Bundle

Already geared to surprise your friends and family, the steps below show you how to gift the Freaky Friday data bundle;

  • Launch your phone app
  • Dial *149*10#
  • Select option 3, (Gift).
  • Choose the package of your choice.
  • Enter the number you’re buying for.
  • Select the payment option to complete the transaction.

Wondering why the USSD short code (*149*10#) is showing an invalid Request? Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. The code only functions starting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Quick Note: The 3-day Freaky data bundle expires on Monday at 6:00 AM regardless of the day the bundle was purchased (can purchase the bundle between Friday to Sunday). The 24-hour bundle is valid for 24 hours if purchased on Friday and Saturday and valid till Monday morning (6:00 AM) if purchased on Sunday.

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Method 2: Add Recipient Number to Tugabane

Freaky Friday data bundles come in big quantities and yet they have an expiry tag on them. If you think you will fail to exhaust your freaky Friday data bundle, choosing to gift it to friends and family would be a good idea. All you have to do is add them to your Tugabane account. Here is how;

  • Dial *175*5#and press OK.
  • Select option 1-Tugabane.
  • Choose option 1-Activate.
  • Go ahead and add the dependant’s number.
  • Once you hit the OK button, you will get a confirmation notice that the number was added to your Tugabane account.

Remember that you can add up to 4 Airtel numbers to your Tugabane account and once a number is added, they will use your other data bundles once Freaky Friday expires or is used up. To remove the number from your Tugabane account tap here. Also, once you are dependant on someone’s Tugabane account, you won’t be able to add dependants to your own Tugabane account or get added to a new Tugabane account.

Bingo, you just gifted airtel freaky Friday to the other number. I hope this content was helpful to you.