How To Insert SIM Card In Tecno Spark

Insert simcard in Tecno Spark 2
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This guide will show you how to insert a SIM card in a Tecno Spark phone.

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Like any other new smartphone today, Tecno spark phones have an inbuilt and unremovable battery which implies that the SIM card should be placed right on the side, bottom, or at the top depending on which type of device you have. You should note that they are always micro-SIM cards. You cannot open the Spark 2 back cover as most people like to think.

Specifically, in this how-to, we shall see that the SIM cards are inserted on the sides.
Examine all the accessories that came with your phone from wherever you bought it, a tecno shop, delivered by Jumia, or any other means you used to receive your new phone. There is a Nano pin with a ring on top, it’s tiny and thin just like a needle. You must use that, so hold it and follow the steps below.

1. Switch off your phone and make sure it’s out of the charging socket. Hold your Tecno spark and check on the side that does not contain any buttons. There is a thin line which is a slot for the SIM cards.

2. Below the long column-like line is a tiny hole. This is where you must place the pin you found in the box. Push it slightly harder to press the unlock pin inside.

3. Once that is done, the SIM card tray shall open, and pull it out gently and carefully so as not to break it. On the tray, there are three slots, that is Sim one and two and the third is for the SD card. Note that it’s smaller than the rest. Don’t forget to remove the pin after this step.

Image Via Techpoint

4. Place your SIM cards on the tray in the right order and place them back the way you got them. Then push the tray gently until it locks again. Switch back to your phone to see if the cards were recognized by your device. If not, you must check the validity of your cards or follow back the steps to verify that you correctly inserted your SIM cards.