root android phone

Quick Guide On How To Root Your Android Phone

What is rooting? Rooting an Android phone is the same way as jailbreaking an iPhone which allows you to control what happens with your phone’s sub-system. After rooting your phone, you will...
Rokespot Locations

List of Rokespot WiFi Locations in Uganda

Roke Telecom has set up roke spots in different areas in Uganda powered by Google Fiber. These hot spot sites enable users to access unlimited internet after subscription. If you plan...
What can you Salvage from a Broken

What can you Salvage from a Broken Laptop?

With the pain that comes with a broken laptop, we often hurry to dispose of these laptops without considering that a few components could still be reused, recycled, or even sold....

Turning a flash drive into RAM

USB drive doesn't really increase your RAM but it just increases the access time to fetch data from hard disk. There is a huge time difference while accessing data from a...
LastPass icon

A Beginner’s guide to using LastPass password manager

LastPass is one of the most trusted and secure cross-platform password managers that work on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile devices. If you're using Google Chrome's or Firefox's password managers to...
airtel phones

List of Airtel Phones that you can Get on Credit

This post lists Airtel phones that you can get on credit. You can get a very good smartphone that will facilitate your needs from Airtel. All you do is get...
WhatsApp Media isn't Saving to your Gallery, Here is

WhatsApp Media isn’t Saving to your Gallery, Here is Why

With over 2 billion users worldwide, Whatsapp is one of the most used social media platforms. Its user-friendly interface, ease of access and affordability contribute vastly to these staggering statistics. ...
Crucial Strategies The Experts Employ For Social Media

Crucial Strategies The Experts Employ For Social Media Advertising

The world of social media advertising is about to get a lot more exciting as we uncover the most surprising facts of the trade. Are you ready to become a social...

New DStv, GOtv subscription Charges; Here is What you will Pay

Starting 1st September 2021, Multichoice Uganda, the operators of both DSTV Uganda and GoTV Uganda satellite will increase the monthly DStv, GOtv subscription charges on their different packages. In a message...
Top 6 Flight Booking Websites in

Top 6 Flight Booking Websites in Nigeria

The aviation industry in Nigeria has been rapidly growing in recent years, and with it, the demand for convenient and efficient ways of booking flights has increased. In response to this...
GOtv Kenya Packages

GOTV Uganda Packages, Channels & Decoder Prices

GOTV is the home of African television dedicated to providing affordable family entertainment to Africans. The cable television service is most renowned for delivering the greatest choice of local channels made...

5 Ways to Recover Deleted Data on your Computer

Oops!! You are figuring out that you just deleted an important file and now, you are thinking of a way to instantly recover deleted data on your computer. In the heat...
Simba Fiber Not Working- Here is How to Fix

Simba Fiber Not Working- Here is How to Fix It

Simba Fiber, a high-speed internet service provider, offers reliable and fast internet connectivity to thousands of users. However, like any other technology, there might be instances where users experience issues with...
What to do Before your Trade or Sell off your Apple

What to do Before your Trade or Sell off your Apple Watch

Apple comes out with a new smartwatch every year, or at least they have historically, since their first one in 2015. At the moment of publishing this article, Apple has so far...

The Best 6 Tech Review YouTube channels to Check out

After (or before) purchasing the latest gadget or electronic, we all what to know more about the item. How it operates, when to use it, what procedures to follow, what to...

5 Ways to Write Better Email Subject Lines That Get Opened Every Time

Have you ever wondered why some email subject lines get opened and others get ignored? If you’re tired of your emails being stuck in the dreaded spam folder, here are five...