Find your Way Home with the Best Navigation Apps

Find your Way Home with the Best Navigation
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Whether checking out a new town, visiting a friend, or losing your way in a strange place you are unfamiliar with, Navigation Apps are always available to bail you out. There are many Apps of this nature and each is engineered differently but to serve the same purpose. Before we list the most popular and best Navigation apps available for download, let’s first understand what they are.

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What is a Navigation App?

A Navigation App is an application on an electronic device that uses GPS to offer real-time directions, an estimated time of arrival, and other useful information needed when traveling. This includes the location of places of interest, restaurants, spas, and much more as desired by users online.

How do Navigation Apps work?

Most Navigation apps work using the art of data collection. This is based on the principle of collecting, processing, and presenting data to the world or internet users to be used as desired. Data is collected on places of interest, new routes, imagery from above, transport schedules and fares plus much more.

These apps also use satellites to capture aerial views. These images are used to verify that the data collected from other sources is accurate and not outdated. satellites are used to capture locations of significant places like buildings, markets, and other locations normally looked up on the internet.

Listed below are some of the commonly used and best Navigation Apps you should check out.

Google Maps

Find your Way Home with the Best Navigation

Google Maps is the most popular navigation app on Android and it is also used vastly by iOS. It offers real-time information about traffic. it also includes offline maps which help users navigate and get turn-by-turn directions even when disconnected from the internet.

It also has additional features like street view, voice navigation, and satellite images. This makes it a favorite among users.


Google added Waze to its collection in 2013 and was further developed into a community-based GPS navigation application. It has additional real-time crowd-sourced social networking which sets it apart from its competition. It also provides alerts in regard to hazards, weather, accidents, police activity, and speed traps. It allows users to listen to music from music platforms within the app.

Apple Maps

This Navigation App from Apple comes installed on all Apple devices. It was heavily criticized at the time of its launch and Apple worked tirelessly over time to fix the bugs. Currently, Apple Maps is used vastly by Apple users and you can use Siri for voice command input.

It has turn-by-turn voice-guided directions, interactive maps, and suggestions for choosing the better path among others. It also records the parking spot you left your car in and suggests public transport and walking options.

Co-Pilot GPS

Co-Piot GPS is a navigation app focuses on route planning for large trucks. It also offers customized routes for all vehicle types while considering factors like road width and low clearance. Generally, the app acts like a co-driver by offering driver-friendly directions with clear driving views and offline maps for when there is no internet. It has a premium version that offers audio navigation, 3D maps, and much more. This app is available for download on both Android and iPhones.

Other navigation apps that you need to check out include, MapQuest, HereWeGo, and InRoute