How to Renew your driving permit online Uganda

Renew your driving permit online Uganda - driving permit renewal (Step-by-Step)
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Did you know that you can renew your driving permit online in Uganda? URA, through its website, enables you to go through this process quickly and with ease. Here are the steps. But before, you need some requirements to renew your driving permit through the URA official website.

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  • TIN and Taxpayer name
  • Any ID Number for proof of your Identity (NIN/NSSF number/Driving permit number/Employees ID number/Voters card No/Passport Number/Village ID card/Visa number/Working permit No)
  • Address and contact information
  • Preferred money payment option (Mobile Money, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay or Cash)

Procedures For Application For Driving License in a nutshell

1) Go to the URA Portal to generate the Renewal assessment form.
2) Go to the bank (of your choice) and pay appropriate fees(UGX 310,000/UGX
/UGX 130,000) to URA account (the bank will provide the account number)
or you can pay through your preferred mobile money service, MTN mobile
money/Airtel money
3) Go to the UDLS Offices with the bank receipt [of (ii) above], together with your
existing license (the one you want to renew, if in case you lost it, please go to the
procedure for Duplicate).
4) UDLS will issue the renewed license

Step by Step Guide on How to register for/renew your Driving permit online in Uganda

Step #1: Visit

Step #2: Select eServices

Renew your driving permit online Uganda

Step #3: Then Select Payment registration

How to register for/renew your Driving permit online Uganda

Step #4: Select NTR (as you can see below)

How to renew driving permit online Uganda

Step #5: After, fill in the details as enlisted on the website (see screenshot below)

How to register for a new driving permit online in Uganda

Step #6: Select either to renew or register for a new driving permit. Choose the type of permit you want. All the options are enlisted below.

After you select your permit type, the price box will automatically be filled.

How to register for/ renew a driving permit online in Uganda -

Step #7: Verify your Identity by input any of the ID numbers listed below.

Register for or Renew your driving permit online Uganda

Step #8: After that, choose your preferred payment option.

After which click ACCEPT and REGISTER.

Pay for Driving permit renewal online in Uganda

If you choose a bank, you will receive a printable form via email, that you can use at any bank.

Print renewal form

If you choose mobile money, you will be prompted to pay via the Mobile money number you input.

Other payment options like VISA and MasterCard will require you to input your details so as to complete payment.

Step #9: After paying, you will be required to visit the Driver’s License office, at Face technologies UDLS Offices. Here are the google map directions to their Kampala offices.

Editors Update: Face technologies was replaced with UDLS as the new issuing entity for drivers’ licenses.

At the offices, you will need to undergo facial, fingerprint, and identity verification. Your payment method too will be verified. Thereafter, your Driving permit will be available in around 20 – 30 minutes. (The process may differ based on the people available)

Contact information for Driver’s License offices Uganda

You can contact the Driver’s License offices in Uganda in different districts for any feedback. Here are the contacts of the different offices below.

You can also email face technologies (driver’s license office Uganda) at

Contact information for Driver’s License offices (Face Technologies) Uganda

After there, you will have your driving permit renewed or get your new driver’s permit ready.

Here is a hands-on experience from Esther Kalenzi. She testifies that her experience of renewing her driving permit online was seamless and painless, so much so in a way she never expected.

How much is renewing a driving permit in Uganda?

ValidityPrice (UGX)
5 years310,000
3 years210,000
1 year130,000

The mandatory documents you will need for this process:

  1. Expired licence (original copy)
  2. Valid national ID (original copy)
    Valid passport for foreigners (original copy)
    Refugee card for refugees (original copy)
  3. Proof of payment (payment registration number)
  4. Duly filled medical form (optional)

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