What Is MTN Pulse? Everything you need to know

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It is very likely that you’ve heard about MTN Pulse if you’re a young person living in Uganda.

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The service was invented in 2018 as a form of recognition of the unique lifestyle of youths. Just for the record, this is not a promo, so we’re going to dissect the pros and cons. Some opinions I am going to share are personal and are not a reflection of UgTechMag.

Let’s dive in, shall well?

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What exactly is MTN Pulse?

MTN Pulse is a youth MTN product that was invented as a service to cater to the youths’ needs. The product provides customizable data and minute bundles to people who download the MTN Pulse app (available on iOS and Android). To help you understand whether MTN Pulse is worth your time, we are listing the pros and cons.

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How To Activate MTN Pulse

To activate the service, simply dial *157# and do extra with the extra MBs from MTN Pulse. “MTN Pulse is all about dope deals and dope life.” says one of the company’s ads.

You can also activate MTN Pulse via the MTN Pulse Mobile app.

How Does MTN Pulse Work?

Through Cr8 Yo Bundles, MTN Pulse allows customers to create their own bundles. This great new option permits customers to simply make bundles for themselves under the Cr8YoBundle option. They get to choose the amount of MBs, minutes, and SMS’s that they want to use using a slider that also automatically calculates the price before one’s eyes.

Anybody can access the MTN Pulse bundles as long as you are using an MTN Sim card, especially on a smartphone.

Advantages Of MTN Pulse

  • The bundles are cheap and you can enjoy the regular amount of data for slightly less.
  • The platform offers some internet bundles targeted toward particular services like TikTok. This can help you prevent usage of the internet by unnecessary apps.
  • The service is free to join. There are no specific criteria to join MTN pulse. You just have to download their app here.
  • MTN pulse offers customizable bundles. The platform is incredibly awesome because everyone has their own usage statistics.
  • If you have a social media-promoted business, MTN Pulse is for you.
  • Aesthetic interface. MTN pulse has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface.
MTN Pulse Bundles

Disadvantages of MTN Pulse

  • The platform offers relatively the same range of data bundles compared to regular methods.
  • If you need a significant amount of data, you’re still bound to find the platform incredibly expensive.
  • No unlimited data bundles. Whilst MTN pulse claims to understand youths’ needs, they haven’t considered adding an unlimited data bundle yet.
  • MTN Pulse offers customizable minute and data bundles at a costly price.

Other MTN Pulse Promotions

MTN Pulse offers three collective features. Below they are:

  1. MTN Pulse – Runs for 24 hours and costs UGX 1000. It contains SWIFT bundles (only social media) and partly normal internet bundles.
  2. MTN pulse+ – Valid for 7 days and costs only UGX 5000. It also contains SWIFT bundles as well as normal internet bundles.
  3. MTN Pulse Weekend – Valid from Friday at 6 pm to Monday at 6 am. Offers the highest data bundles at only 2000/= and includes both SWIFT and normal data bundles.

The other features are the old regular data bundles and the Cr8 Yo Bundle option which comes as the main option.

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MTN pulse options

By the end of this article, you have already decided whether this platform is worth your time and money. In conclusion, MTN Pulse is extremely useful to regular earners to a greater extent. However, if you’re looking for a platform to relieve you of data costs, you could as well stick to the MTN Freedom bundles. Did you find this article useful? Kindly leave your thoughts in the comments section.