How To Stop Annoying Auto-Renewals For Airtel, Africell And MTN Uganda

stop auto renewal mtn airtel africell
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This article will take you through a step by step process of how to stop auto-renewals for Africell, airtel and MTN data and SMS bundles.

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Auto-renewal can help us subscribe to our daily bundles without fidgeting about with the phone or shortcodes for the various telecom companies we subscribe to.

People often consider the option of auto-renewal because they have no time to keep re-subscribing to the same bundle over and over again. Some people take the consideration of auto-renewal because they are not good with cramming codes to subscribe to bundles all the time.

However, with time, this auto-renewal gets annoying and draining, more so if a customer does not have enough money to keep re-subscribing for the same bundles. Often times, people do not know how to unsubscribe or cancel auto-renewal of their bundles. This is how you can stop auto-renewal on different telecom platforms;


How to Stop Auto-Renewal Africell

Stop Auto Renewal on Africel data bundle

Depending on the bundle you subscribed to, you should follow the same prompts and at the last segment, it will give you an option to cancel the auto-renew bundle.

Kindly dial the USSD code you used to purchase the bundle. Instead of auto-renewal, you’ll have the option to cancel auto-renewal. e.g

  1. Dial *133#
  2. Select bundle on Auto-renewal
  3. Before you confirm the transaction, select option to stop/cancel auto-renewal

Easiest way you can call customer care and they will help do it from their centre

How To Stop Auto-Renewal Airtel Uganda

Stop Auto-Renewal on Airtel data bundles

To stop Auto renewals for SMS bundles Airtel

To put an end to SMS bundles that keep renewing themselves, follow these three simple steps;

  • Dial *100#
  • Select option 6, <SMS Bundles>
  • Select option 4, <Cancel Auto renewal>

All you have done is to stop auto-renewal of SMS bundles on Airtel sim Uganda,

How to stop airtel auto-renewal for Internet bundles

In this step by step approach, you can quickly stop auto-renewal for data bundles Airtel. To do this, follow the step by step instructions below;

Option 1:

  1. Dial *100#
  2. Select option 3 <Internet bundles>
  3. Select option 11 <More>
  4. Select option 4 <Auto Renewal>
  5. Select option 2 <Cancel Auto Renewal>

Option 2:

  1. Dial *175*2#
  2. Select options 7 (Auto-renewal)
  3. Select option 2 (Cancel renewal)

Alternatively: You can dial *175*2*7*2# and then press OK.

Stop Auto Renewal on MTN data bundles

Stop Auto-Renewal on MTN data bundles

MTN Data Plans Terms

  1. To roll over your unused data balance, simply renew your bundle before expiration.
  2. Auto renewal only applies if you select the “ Recurrent” option at the point of activation of any data bundle.
  3. To check your active bundle(s) and data balance(s), simply Text 2 to 131 or Dial *131*4#

How to Stop Auto Renewal on MTN

There are three ways you can easily deactivate auto renewal of daily bundles on MTN.

Option 1:

Simply dial the USSD code you used to purchase the bundle. Instead of auto-renewal, you’ll have the option to cancel auto-renewal.

Option 2:

If option 1 hardly worked for you, try out this as well.

  1. Text No or STOPDATA to 131
  2. That’s all

Note: If you would like to get some extra days before your next MTN data plan subscription expires, don’t cancel auto-renewal

Option 3:

You can as well call customer care at 100 and they will help you stop auto-renewal at the center.

Option 4:

If you had any recurring bundles of the sort, they will all be canceled by Simply dialing *150*1*10# and then press OK.


Well and that is it, you have successfully managed to stop auto-renewal services on your SMS and data bundles. To keep this going on, always make sure to select a one-time bundle option while purchasing.

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