How to Shut Down a Computer Correctly

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How to shut down a computer correctly.

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To correctly shut down a computer, select start and then select the Power button. From the menu displayed, select the Shutdown option.

Human beings wake up in the morning. They do what they do during the day and when the day ends, they have to go to sleep. Sleep helps the body function better the next day depending on how much sleep is gotten.

Unlike human beings who usually sleep at night, computers can be used at any time of the day, even at night. After a computer is used, it is usually shut down or powered off. This is done in order to save power, free resource usage, close all apps, give them a rest, etc.

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How to incorrectly shut down a computer

a) Firstly, pressing the power button

You can shut down a computer incorrectly. How? By using the power button next to the keyboard. You might ask why given it is the button that also powers on the computer.

Using the physical power button next to the keyboard to shut down your computer cuts power to the computer and it suddenly shuts down in a few seconds. This is bad because it can lead to data loss, file system corruption, and other issues.

b) Secondly, closing your laptop lid

There are some people who power on their laptops, do their work, close their laptop lids and place the laptop back in the bag and they are done. Closing the laptop lid does not shut down the computer. (It is not recommended to do this as some bags have poor circulation and you would be blocking the vents of a laptop that is still running.)

If closing the laptop lid does not shut down the computer then what does it exactly do? It puts the laptop to sleep. It is put in sleep mode.

What is the sleep mode in a laptop?

When you put your laptop in sleep mode, the laptop stays on but uses less power. Apps and programs stay open so when the laptop wakes up, you are instantly back to where you left off.


Pressing the power button to shut down computers is not the recommended way to power off computers. This post has covered the right way to do it.

But there are situations you might be in that require pressing the power button to shut down a computer. For example, when the computer freezes and it is not responding to any commands you are giving it.

There you have no other option than to press the power button to solve that issue of unresponsiveness and shut it down and power it on again.