How to safely get home at night in Uganda: Best transportation service

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This post shows how to safely get home at night. Consider this a quick guide for tourists and life-ists in Uganda.

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People have different perceptions when it comes to moving around during the nighttime. Some find it exciting. Others, not so much. They all have their reasons.

In case you are out at night and are wondering how you are going to get home, here are some suggestions on how.


a) By ordering an Uber ride

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Credit: TechCrunch

Uber is a mobility service provider. It allows users to book a car and a driver to transport them.

It is available on both Android and iOS devices. All you have to do is download the app, Allow your location to be found, input your mobile number and select your destination.

Uber has both cars and boda bodas. You have to choose which you would like to use. Then select your destination and starting point and order one. An uber ride will be chosen for you.

You will receive a call from your assigned driver and they will ask you where exactly they should pick you up. Wait for them to arrive and take you to where you are going.

b) By ordering for a Safeboda/Safecar

Safeboda provides transport services. Just like uber, you order safebodas or safecars using your smartphone. You can use either an Android or iPhone.

Install the app on your phone, Launch it, register your number, and allow it to access your location.

From there you can order a ride, which is either a motorbike or a car. The driver will call you and pick you up and safely take you to where you are going.

Some of you could be skeptical about Safeboda in comparison to uber. Given Uber’s car model has lasted longer than Safeboda’s cars. On the other hand, Safeboda’s cars promises a fresh vibe to the motor vehicle service. With their boda boda model tasted and loved by many, cars will probably take on the same precedent.

Not to worry though, safebodas undergo safety training and the only thing you will worry about is maybe the cold wind as you are headed home.

c) By Using Bolt

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image source: T3N

Bolt is like uber. You download the Bolt app, Register, and Allow the app to access your location. Input where you are going and order a ride based on the fare for that journey.

A driver will call and ask where to pick you up from. Wait for him to come and pick you up and safely take you home.

The app is available on both iOS and Android.

d) By Using regular taxis

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Credit: Google Photos

In case you lack a smartphone or do not know how to use the apps, you could always use a regular taxi.

Just board one at a stage or stop one passing by and get out when you are near your home. Or board a couple of them as long as they lead you home.

e) By using regular bodas

Regular Boda Bodas can also take you home.

All you have to do is get one and tell them where you are going and they will take you there.


Ubers are safe to use to get home. So are bolts and Safebodas. Regular taxis and Regular Boda Bodas though have a lot of question marks.

Endeavor to learn how to use apps, they are a lifesaver. Let us know what you use and we hope you safely get home. Tell us how your experience is with any of these transportation services in Uganda.