Everything you need to know about the Safeboda Super App

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In this post, we talk about the Safeboda app. SafeBoda is Africa’s Super App – 2-wheeler ride-hailing market leader and has a growing consumer platform that is revolutionizing transportation, payments, fin services, and on-demand services in Africa’s cities. It is very popular in Uganda. It is very rare to move around Kampala without seeing at least one boda man with an orange helmet or vest branded with safeboda.

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If you have ridden on a safeboda before, you already know that one needs a safeboda app installed on their smartphones in order to use their services. If you have used a safeboda before but without the app, that was not the official way they are supposed to be used. In addition to ride-hailing, Safeboda has added multiple services accessible via what they now call the Safeboda Super app. Below, we talk about the various services now offered by the company.

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Everything you need to know about the Safeboda Super App

The safeboda app is available on both Android and iOS. The app is used to order rides. That was the primary reason it was created for. But with recent advancements, it can do more.

safeboda super app - ugtechmag.com
safeboda app

Below are some of the services people are accessing on the safeboda app:

a) Ordering rides

Ordering rides with the safeboda app on Android 12

This is the primary service of safeboda. It was created mainly to offer rides to Ugandans. All you have to do is select the destination you would like to go to and your initial location. Then the app estimates the cost of traveling to that place. Then you proceed and a safeboda rider who will later call you to pick you up is assigned to you for the journey. The payment methods are two. You can use physical cash. The second option is called cashless where you use money deposited on your safeboda account. The second option is cheaper.

b) How to Pay bills with the Safeboda Super app

Paying bills with the safeboda app on Android 12

You can now pay bills using safeboda app. Some of the bills you can pay for are:

  1. Water bills (NWSC)
  2. Electricity (Umeme and Yaka)
  3. TV (DStv, AZAM TV, StarTimes, and GOtv)

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You are required to have a safeboda wallet pin and some money deposited on your safeboda account to pay for these bills.

c) Ordering Food and shopping items with Safeboda

Food and shop service on the safeboda app – Android 12

You can now order food using the safeboda app. It searches for the nearest shops and restaurants next to you and all you have to do is choose the food you like. Order it and it is delivered to you at a cost.

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d) How to Deliver packages with Safeboda’s Super app

Delivering packages with the safeboda app on Android 12

You can deliver packages with safeboda. CAUTION: The package does not have to exceed 15Kgs (kilograms) and must fit on a boda. Details on where the package is being delivered, the recipient, etc are all added in the app before the package is picked up.

e) Buying airtime on Safeboda

Buying airtime using the safeboda app on Android 12

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You can buy yourself airtime using the safeboda app. The amount you are limited to is between 50-200,000 Ugandan shillings. The amount is deducted from your safeboda money account.

f) Buying data on Safeboda

Buying data using the safeboda app on Android 12

You can buy data for airtel and mtn using the safeboda app from your wallet.

Those are the main services people are accessing while using the safeboda app.