How to Find Smart Card Number on DStv HD Decoder

Find Smart Card Number on DStv
PhotoCredit: DSTV
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Do you want to know your DSTV Smart Card number? The Smart card number is a unique 11 digits number attached to a particular DStv decoder. Each smart card comes with a specific smart card number which works as an identification code for payments and creating accounts. This article guides you on how to find a smart card number on DSTV.

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Uses of Smart Card Number / DSTV Account Number

  • Smart card number/IUC number is used to clear subscription payments.
  • It is an identification number for decoders.

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Use DSTV Remote to Check DStv Account Number

1. Press the OK button on your DSTV remote.

2. Choose Information Central and press OK.

3. You will see the Smart Card number on the far right.

Find Smart Card Number on DStv

1. Ensure that your decoder is turned off.

2. At the front panel of your decoder, you will see a bluish card inserted into the decoder.

3. Hold and gently pull out the card.

4. Check beneath the card, you will see the smart card number clearly written on it.

5. Copy down the Smart Card number.

6. Insert the smart card back to its position.

7. Power your decoder and verify if the decoder is properly inserted.

DSTV smart Crad