How to Check IUC Number on DStv

Check IUC Number on DStv
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Do you want to know your DSTV IUC number? The DStv IUC number is a unique 10 digits number given to DStv decoders. Each decoder has a different IUC number which works as an identification code for payments and creating accounts. This article guides you on how to check the IUC number on DStv.

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Benefits of the IUC Number

  • IUC number is used to clear subscription payments.
  • It is an identification number for decoders.

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Use DSTV Remote

1. Press the OK button on your DSTV remote.

2. Choose Information Central and press OK.

3. You will see the Smart Card number on the far right.

How to Check IUC Number on DStv

1. Turn off your decoder.

2. Flip to the backside of the decoder.

3. Review the details on the white sticker beneath your decoder.

4. The sticker will have your serial number (S/N) and IUC number (IUC/SC).

5. Copy your IUC number.

Check IUC Number on DStv