Eversend App Full Review – How to pay bills and send money across Africa

Eversend app full review
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Eversend app is Africa’s first Neobank with multi-currency, supporting instant money transfer across the globe. You can use Eversend to top up money on your mobile money account, buy airtime for any number of your choice, and also pay bills such as Yaka, water, and school fees.

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In a world where hard cash is phasing out every other day along the same line wired cash is being adopted and growing even faster than anything in the world economy, new software, and mobile applications supporting this phase in technology are on a steep rise.

Due to the daily money transactions, apps like Eversend have made it easy and you nolonger have to make a queue in the bank to make a payment.

Full Review of the Eversend Mobile App

Eversend application is a multi-currency e-wallet that allows you to exchange currency, spend it on the online markets, and also send it anywhere in the world. It supports Insurance, virtual debit cards, and bill payments like I just said earlier on. Let’s see what Eversend Application got.

Signing up for Eversend account

You can Download and install Eversend App from either from App store or Google play store depending on your handset type.

Launch the application, where you will be prompted to provide your details, such as contact, names, and email. The app has instant notifications that keep you updated about your activities.

You can now log in your account and start transacting instantly. If you so wish, you could as well proceed with verifying your profile by uploading any official document such as your national ID or a full video of you explaining who you are.

You can use any phone

Eversend USSD code

For those without Smartphone, Eversend Application will soon enable all its users to transfer money via the USSD. The Eversend USSD is under development at the time of writing this blog. We will share any updates concerning it soon.

How to do forex currency exchange with Eversend

Forex currency exchange with Eversend app

Most money transfer applications can only show you an up to date list of money exchange rates without actually allowing you to exchange your currency. The Eversend application enables you to exchange your currency for example, from Uganda Shillings to US Dollars within the application.

With Eversend app, you can exchange your money reflected in your E-wallet to any currency of your choice which includes, USD, EUR, NGN, KES, UGX, RWF and GBP. Do not be cut off the knob when you can turn the tune.

Transact to your Mobile money wallet or bank account with the Eversend App

Bank transfers are not yet live but we are happy to give guidelines about Eversend to mobile money transactions and vice versa. We advise saving phone numbers you would like to send to by adding beneficiary.

To Add Beneficiary

  • Tap Send
  • Tap Mobile Money
  • Tap the Plus Sign in the top right-hand corner
  • Tap Add Beneficiary
  • Add Beneficiary manually or tap Import from Contacts
  • Then proceed to Add Beneficiary

To add money to Eversend from your mobile money account

  • Add Money
  • Mobile Money
  • Choose the phone number you would like to use to top up your Eversend wallet. You
  • can use up to three numbers to top up your Eversend wallet)
  • Enter amount
  • Continue
  • You’ll be prompted for your mobile money PIN to confirm the transaction, please enter your pin to confirm the transaction. If you have insufficient funds for the transaction, you will not receive the prompt.
Add money to Eversend app from mobile money

To send money from your Eversend wallet to your phone number or to another mobile money number

  • Tap Send
  • Choose phone number/contact you would like to send to for (If you are sending money to the mobile money account for the first time, you may need to save the phone number first by tapping the left plus sign in the top right corner)
  • Enter the amount
  • Continue
  • On the horizontal bar, up the screen, you can select mobile money

A quick note

Regarding several money transaction apps I have used throughout, I have so far found Eversend application really awesome. I like the fact it favors us the online workers more where buy you can generate a payment link and send it to your employer who shall pay you immediately through this link.

Not like PayPal and some other apps that were not working in some countries, I find this app really helping, if I find a new thing about it, I will be coming back to discuss the same. Otherwise, it’s really an app I’d definitely recommend.

How to Pay For Bills with Eversend

There are different bills that someone can pay using Eversend. One can pay for airtime (all airtime purchases are free) to pay for airtime, make sure you are logged in and please follow these instructions;

Buy airtime using Eversend

  • Click on more
  • Tap Airtime
  • Choose the number you would like to buy airtime for (If you are buying airtime for the first time, you may need to save the phone number first by tapping the left plus sign in the top right corner)
  • Enter the amount of airtime you would like to purchase
  • Tap Continue
  • Enter your pin and proceed to make payment

Pay Electricity Bills using Eversend

  • Click on more
  • Tap on Electricity
  • Choose UMEME Yaka account
  • Enter your meter number
  • Follow the prompts
  • Enter amount
  • Tap Continue

Pay Insurance using Eversend

  • Choose insurance type (Currently, there is motor third party)
  • Enter your license plate number
  • Follow the prompts
  • And proceed to make payments

How to Create and Use Eversend virtual Credit card

Eversend app

Credit card directly wired to your bank ease life both with physical and online shopping, and so is Eversend’s virtual credit card. However much it can’t do physical shopping such as swipe and pay, or withdrawing via an ATM, you can shop online instantly using this card once you create the Eversend virtual card. You can load it with currency either from your local bank, mobile money or directly from your Eversend wallet.

A virtual credit card as well as a virtual wallet is an intangible component that does exactly the same as a physical one, but only limited to touch.

Here is a guide on How to create the Eversend virtual card.

How to get verified on Eversend App and why it’s important

One gets verified by submitting an image of their government-issued ID and a video selfie. Accepted forms of IDs are; passport, driving permit, and national ID for some countries. Verification is important because it lifts transaction limits that unverified accounts have.

How to create an Eversend tag and why it’s necessary

An Eversend tag is a link that one can share on any modern communication platform (Social media, email, SMS) to receive money on Eversend. The sender clicks the link in order to pay you. One can create an Eversend tag by tapping;

  • More
  • Profile
  • Tag
  • Create/Share Tag
  • Choose available platform to share on

How much does it cost to transfer money on Eversend?

All Eversend to Eversend account transfers are free. The cost of sending to mobile money accounts depends on the recipient country. One can view the cost of each transaction before confirmation by viewing the ‘Fee’ section below the amount one would like to send.