How to create a virtual visa card with eversend app

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In today’s post, we take a deep dive into Eversend’s virtual visa card, the good and limitations of this virtual visa card, and what makes it a better alternative for online freelancers in Uganda.

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The article will explore items like how to create a virtual visa card on the neo banking app eversend, and how you can shop online with your virtual visa card especially for Netflix lovers, those buying for stuff online (amazon or kindle) and the like.

Let’s explore the eversend virtual visa card

How to create eversend virtual visa card

  1. First step is download the eversend app if you don’t have it on your smartphone. You can download the eversend app here.
  2. Create an account with eversend and sign in as required. To keep my account secure I use pin code login oftenly (simple & fast).
  3. To create an eversend virtual visa card you are required to have a minimum of $5 with a transaction cost of $2 for creating the card.
  4. To add your cash on eversend app, tap add money icon on your home screen, you can add money via your preferred source of funding, for our guide i used Mobile money.
  5. Add a new phone number or select an existing one from the list of your phones. Then enter how much you need to add to your eversend account. Eversend will show you the transaction fee of topping up money on your wallet.
  6. To create an eversend virtual visa card, your money should be in dollars as such we shall need to convert the amount we topped up to dollars using the Exchange functionality on your home screen.
  7. Tap Exchange
  8. Select UGX and to USd, enter the amount you need to exchange and tap the Exchange button at the bottom. The app will show you the exchange rate from UGX to USD.
  9. After exchanging your UGX amount to USD, navigate to the bottom menu of the app and tap the Cards icon.
  10. At the top right corner, select the add button to create a new virtual visa card with eversend.
  11. A new virtual visa card on eversend costs a fee of $2, so you must put in an amount greater than $2 and your balance should align.
  12. Click Continue to create the card.
  13. Done
Add Money on Eversend app
Add Money on Eversend app
Create eversend virtual visa card
Create eversend virtual visa card

Components of your eversend virtual visa card you should be aware of

Card number – the eversend card number is the 16 digits number you see on the card and to view the whole of it, you need to tap on the card details can be revealed alternatively, you can simply copy card details somewhere to easily access them.

Valid/Thru – this how long the card will be valid for use, the eversend virtual visa card has 3 years validity according to the card I created.

CVV – This is a secret code that is always needed every time you use a virtual visa card to purchase items online. You should keep it safe and secure to avoid losing money.

Add Money – You can add money to your virtual card by tapping the Add money button, remember the money has to be USD or you can refer how to do the exchange in the sections above.

Withdraw – You can with money from your virtual visa card to eversend wallet by tapping the withdraw button.

Transactions – This section allows you to view all the previous transactions with eversend virtual visa card.

Freeze card – The functionality allows virtual visa card owners to halt or terminate visa cards and activate it when they need. Once the card is frozen, you can’t add money or withdraw anything.

How to freeze eversend virtual visa card

Billing address – this is the address of your virtual visa card and you can always use it in cases you requested for the card address.

Billing address for eversend virtual visa card

Remove card – You can remove the card if you’re no longer interested or you simply want to remove the virtual visa card.

The app allows you to create more than one virtual visa card and you can do this by tapping the add icon on your top right corner.

Limitations with eversend visa card

Eversend visa card doesn’t work on all platforms that support visa card payments. Here’s list of platforms your eversend virtual visa card won’t work on

  • Money Transfer apps or websites like PayPal
  • Other Financial Institutions
  • Betting sites

However, you can use the virtual visa card on popular platforms like

  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Paying for ads on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn
  • Buying domains and paying for web hosting
  • Among others

Pros & Cons


  • The app saves you the burden of going to the banks and making long queues simply to fund your visa cards for online payments. With eversend you can top up with mobile money and have money on your virtual visa card shortly.
  • Getting a bank visa card costs us UGX 15,000 but with eversend this is just UGX 8,000 ($2)
  • Of course, the card is going to make online transactions for freelancers online smooth, easy and hustle free.


  • Eversend virtual visa card don’t work on popular payment platforms like PayPal which are supported almost everywhere for payments.
  • The card still has issues working on certain platforms it should be working on for some users like Twitter and Facebook.

Simple use case of how to buy and pay for goods and services online with eversend virtual visa card.


Visit website, sign up and choose your plan.

And then pay the amount from your virtual visa card, or a PayPal account. It’s a monthly subscription and the first month is free but you will have to enter your virtual card details to activate it.

After a month, Netflix will start to automatically charge the monthly payment from your card, unless you cancel before that.


On Facebook, To add a payment method to your ad account: Go to your Payment Settings in Ads Manager. In the Payment Method section, click Add Payment Method. Choose the credit card payment method, fill in your virtual visa card information and then click Continue.


Enter in the virtual visa card details as a new funding source within the payment methods section of your ads account, and then it will be available to fund your ads campaign.


  • Go to the Amazon website ‘Reload Your Balance’ page.
  • Sign in to your account; this step is required even if you’re already logged into your Amazon account.
  • Click on ‘Edit’ in the payment method box; you’ll then be redirected to a new page where you’ll click ‘Add a card’
  • Add your virtual visa card to allow you to pay for goods and stuff with a visa card.