How to Enable Private Number on Safaricom

Hide Caller ID on Airtel Kenya
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Did you know that Safaricom allows you to call people privately? This means you can and your number will stay private or appear as a private number for the caller. Here is how you can enable a private number on Safaricom.

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Enable Private Number on Safaricom for a Specific Call

  • Launch the dialer.
  • Dial #31# then number you want to call for instance #31#0722669920.
  • Then hit the call button.
  • The phone will ring but your number will be hidden.
Enable Private Number on Safaricom


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Make Number Private For all Calls

  • Launch phone app.
  • Dial *31# and press Ok using our Safaricom line.
  • You will receive a prompt saying; Outgoing Caller ID Service was enabled.
  • Now, all outgoing calls will be private.

Disable Private Number

  • Launch Phone app.
  • Click the three dots in the top left corner and select Settings.
  • Select Calling Accounts > Safaricom > GSM call settings > Additional settings.
  • Click the Caller ID option and select Network default or Show number.